Last update (5/Aug/1996).
This is not the complete file, just what I have used in my reasearh. Obtained from the Old Tusket Courthouse.

Digby Marriage Records 1864-1910


P. 3-56 (22/Dec/1864, Digby) Eunice E. Trefry, age 22 m. William Haines, age 44 dau Freeman son James P. 4-68 (11/Oct/1864, Digby) Harding Cook m. Phebe Burton
P.14-106 (19-Sep-1866, Weymouth) Ephraim Waterman Brooks, age 21 m. Ann Eliza Manzer, age 22 son Ephraim & Ruth dau James & Nancy
P31-89 (28-Apr-1869, Weymouth) Henry Manzer, age 21 m. Elizabeth Abigail Armstrong age 21 son James & Nancy dau Joseph & Abigail Elizabeth b. Weymouth b. Waterford
p.38-51 (28-May-1870, Weymouth) Norman McDonald, age 22 m. Mary Eliza Manzer, age 19 b. Weymouth b. Weymouth son George & Ellen dau Robert & Ellen
p.66-87 (07-Nov-1873, Clare) Charles Edward Manzer, age 27 m. Mary Elizabeth Barr, age 20 b. Weymouth son Robert & Eleanor dau James & Susan
p. 84-46 (20-Aug-1875, Digby) James Robert Barr, age 29 m. Ellen Manzer, age 31 son James & Susan dau Robert & Eleanor P. 85-61 (04/Dec/1875, Brighton) Will H. Trefry, age 26 m. Emma Grafton, age 20 son Abraham & Abigail dau Joseph & Laura b. Bloomfield b. Brighton
P. 93-58 (31/Oct/1876, Smith's Cove) Albert Trefry, age 29 m. Charlotte Augusta Taylor, age 20 son Abel & Abigail dau Wm & Matilda b. Yarmouth b. Smith's Cove
p. 115-52 (01-Jul-1880, Weymouth) George W. Manzer m. Laliah Brooks P. 115-56 (21/Jul/1880) Charlotte E. Trefry, age 38 m. James Sullivan dau Thos & Maria son James & Caroline b. St. Mary's Bay
p. 125-81 (07-Nov-1881, Weymouth) James A. Manzer, age 31 m. Sarah Spriner, age 33 b. Weymouth b. New Tusket occ: ship carpenter son James & Nancy dau Robert & Ellen
p. 180-54 (21-Aug-1890, Weymouth) Henry B. Brooks, age 20 m. Annie A. Manzer, age 19 b. Weymouth b. Weymouth son H. & M. dau H. & A.
p. 200-39 (29-Jul-1893, Weymouth) George W. Manzer, age 30 m. Mary Spavold, age 19 b. New Tusket son Robert & Eleanor
p. 213-19 (11-Mar-1895, Weymouth) Charles E. Manzer, age 48 m. Ethel May Green, age 25 b. Weymouth b. New Tusket son Robert & Eleanor dau Charles & Lavinia Green
p. 254-24 (1902, Richfield) Charles Brittain jr., age 29 m. Maggie F. Manzer, age 20
p. 9-37 (31-Jul-1907, New Tusket) Fred Ladd Manzer, age 24 m. Flossie Dewolf Prime, age 21 b. Weymouth b. New Tusket son George & Sarah dau Byron & Hannah p. 10-64 (25-Oct-1907, Weymouth) Lloyd Charles Manzer, age 20 m. Idonia Amert Mullen, age 19 b. Weymouth b. New Tusket son George & Laliah dau John & Emma

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