Arcadia Cemetery, Yarmouth Co., NS.

GPS location is N 43 49.263 W 066 03.421

This page is not the complete listing of headstones found here, but ones I have researched.

TREFRY, Laliah Jane,
wife of Capt. Rufus P. Trefry, 4/Apr/1860, aged 25 yrs.

TREFRY, Zilpha , wife of William A. Trefry, 20/Aug/1875, aged 69 yrs.

TREFRY, William A., 8/Mar/1882, aged 74 yrs.

TREFRY, Silas C., 8/Jan/1885, aged 58 yrs 4 months.

TREFRY, Capt. Geo., 04/Jan/1864, aged 54 yrs.
(side) , Abigail (wife of George),

TREFRY, Abigail, 2nd dau of George & Abigail Trefry,
04/Jan/1833, aged 1 yr 5 m 25d

TREFRY, Joseph, 5th son of George & Abigail Trefry,
08/Feb/1837, aged 4 yrs 5 days

TREFRY, Averey, 6th son of George & Abigail Trefry,
16/Feb/1837, aged 2y 9m 14d

TREFRY, Caleb C., son of George & Abigail Trefry,
14/Jan/1853, in his 17th year.
, Maria,
3rd dau of Capt George & Abigail Trefry,
04/Jun/1861, aged 21y 6m

TREFRY, Rebecca, wife of James Trefry, 5/Aug/1841, aged 47y

TREFRY, Capt Joshua P., 14/Feb/1840 (in his 77th year, hard to read)

TREFRY, Elizabeth, wife of Joshua P. Trefry, 26/Apr/1839, in her 66th year.

TREFRY, Hallett C. 01/Jan/1895, aged 41 yr.
(side) , Reuben C. Trefry,
his wife, Letticia F. ,
(side) , Emily B.,
wife of Austin Seeley, 1849-1894
, Marideth J. Trefry,

WESTON, Hannah, wife of Leonard Weston, dau of Caleb & Hannah Cook,

WESTON, Leonard Weston, 7/Mar/1885, aged 88 y.
, Hannah,
wife of Leonard, dau Caleb & Hannah Cook,
17/May/1848, aged 48 y.
, Matilda,
wife of Leonard Weston, dau Charles & Jerusha McLarren
d. 10/Jul/1898, aged 90 y.
(back) , Markswell L.,
died Quebec 9/Sep/1842, aged 22y.
, Isaac,
died Saint Damingo, 22/Dec/1850, aged 22y.
sons of Leonard & Hannah Weston.

TREFRY, Thomas C., 16/May/1900, aged 87y.
, Letitia A.,
his wife, 15/Apr/1895, aged 73y.

COOK, Ephraim M., 08/Jan/1908, aged 72y.
, Maria E.,
his wife, 16/Nov/1894, aged 48y.
, Ada F., 15/Sep/1876, aged 13y.
, Wellington F., lost at sea 1885, aged 17y.
BALL, Lyman E., son of Gordon F. & Ella M. Ball, 18/Dec/1906, aged 4 y.

TREFRY, Margaret H., wife John W. Trefry, 20/Jul/1856, aged 23y.

TREFRY, Russell, son of John W. & Emma Trefry, 19/Apr/1860, aged 1m 21d.

COOK, Deacon John Cook, 25/Jul/1901, aged 90 yrs.
, Ruth, wife of Deacon John Cook, 15/Feb/1894, aged 81 yrs.

COOK, Laliah, wife of John S. Cook, 8/Jan/1886, aged 29 yrs.

TREFRY, Forman L. Trefry, 27/Jul/1908, aged 59 yrs.
, Francis Annie, his wife, 06/Dec/1923, aged 71 yrs.

TREFRY, John H., 29/Jan/1885 to 1/Jan/1929
, Annie, his wife, 22/Jun/1867 to 15/Jul/1944
GOLDEN, Hazel C., wife of Kenneth C. Golden, 1/Dec/1895-18/Jul/1945
McCRACKEN, Myrtle V., wife of Richard McCracken,
dau of John H. & Annie Trefry, b. 11/Feb/1892 d. 25/Mar/1921
TREFRY, Mabel A., dau of John H. & Annie Trefry, 23/Feb/1890-04/Jan/1919

Cook, Susan M., wife of W. L. Cook, dau of C.R. Allen,
, daughter, Lillian, 04/Jul/1901-15/Sep/1901
, Wallace L. Cook, 1868-1966
, wife, Catherine C., 1869-1969
, Lloyd W. Cook, 04/Jul/1901-18/Jun/1984
, William H. Cook, 30/Aug/1842-16/Oct/1927
, Rebecca A., his wife, 01/Jun/1843-2/Jun/1875
, Amelia M., his wife, 02/May/1852-18/Aug/1922

COOK, Rebecca, wife of William H. Cook, 2/Jun/1875, aged 32 yrs.

TREFRY, Elisha P. Trefry, 4/Dec/1895, aged 67 yrs.
, Martin J. Trefry, 1864-1932
, his wife, Ada A., 1868-1955
, Sarah K., wife of Elisha P.Trefry, 22/Dec/1917, aged 86 yrs.
, Dorothy B., 1908-1974

ROBBINS, Benjamin C., 06/Apr/1895, aged 63 yrs.
, Grace, his wife, 28/Jul/1909, aged 76 yrs.
, Ethel M. Trefry, 1886-1964, wife of S. Gordon Trefry, 1886-1966
, Jos. S. Robbins, 1868-1952,
, Dora, wife of Jos. C. Robbins, 1885-1929
ROGERS, Reuben C., 1855-1931
, his wife, Ada E., 1861-1935

TREFRY, Amasa R., 24/Feb/1858-6/Mar/1939
, Margaret A., his wife,26/Dec/1862-7/Jul/1939

HERSEY, Israel Hersey, 18/Apr/1901, aged 63y 4m.
, Louisa R., his wife, 08/Apr/1922, aged 82 yrs.
, Maggie T., dau Israel & Louisa Hersey, 3/May/1894, aged 26y 6m.
, Evelina K. Brown, dau Israel & Lousia R. Cook, 1861-1935

TREFRY, James Reuben, 04/Dec/1851-5/Mar/1922
, his wife, Eva Maria, 08/Jun/1855-28/Jan/1945
, Florence Alma Trefry, 1884-
, Hallett Lloyd Trefry, 1888-1963
, his wife, Eva May, 1887-1972

COOK, Melissa, wife of John S. Cook, 1868-1918
, John S. Cook, 1851-1935

TREFRY, Capt. Charles Knowles, 1842-1916
, Veronica R., his wife, 1848-1936

TREFRY, Augustus, 1930
, Elizabeth A., wife, 1960
, William C. Trefry, 1959
Mayme McCallum, 1977
HATFIELD, James A., 1969
, Josephine T., wife, -

TREFRY, Walter Erven, 1933-
, Mary A. Durkee, 1932-1986, his wife

TREFRY, Roy C., 1897-1983
, Viola C., 1899-1989

TREFRY, Purney W., 1913-2001
, his wife, Evelyn E.,1922-

TREFRY, Christopher D., 1975-1984

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