Yarmouth Genealogies
no. 109

Compiled by George S. Brown

The Beveridge Family

(Reproduced from the Yarmouth Herald, June 8, 1909)
    David Beveridge, a Loyist from New York or New Jersey, went to St. 
John, N.B., after the Revolutionary War and was a Grantee of lands there. 
    Capt. David W. Beveridge, possibly the same person, or his son, a 
native of Ayr, Scotland, came to Yarmouth about the year 1785. He married 
1787, Aug. 23, Bethiah Ellis, daughter Ebenezer 1st, and had: 
1788, William W., died unmarried. 
1790, Elizabeth, married 1820, Richard Power, of Cape Forchup;  
                 died 1875, June 27. 
1795, David W., married Lydia Cook, daughter Ephraim 2d; 
               died 1876, Jany. 29. 
     Anne, married James Bent 2d, son Elkanah; died about 1839. 
     John, married Eliza Hersey, daughter Jesse. 
     Thomas, married Lavinia C. Trefry, daughter William. 
1802, Jany., Lavinia Anne, married Daniel Wyman, son Ephraim 2d; 
                          died 1901, Nov. 11. 
1807, Samuel, died 1871, March 21, unmarried. 
1809, Robert C., married Rebecca Bent, dau. Elkanah; died 1841, Sep 21. 
1811, Janet, married John W. Nickerson, son John; died 1900, June 16. 
(2) Beveridge, Capt. David W. 2d, son Capt. David W., married Lydia Cook, daughter Ephraim 2d., and had: 1829, July, Ephraim Cook, married Sarah Allen, daughter Joseph, Melbourne; died 1868, Dec. 22. Louisa Ring, married, 1853, Dec. 25, Stephen Allen, son John, Melbourne. Davod 3d, married 1st, 1859, Nov. 14, Abigail Allen, daughter Joseph, Melbourne; 2nd, Mary Beveridge, widow George L. Bethia, not married.
(3) Beveridge, Capt. Ephraim Cook, son Capt. David W. 2d, married Sarah Allen, daughter Joseph; died 1868, Dec. 22, and had: 1851, Thomas K., married Elizabeth Forbes; lost at sea, 1881, Feb. 26. Clarence L.; lost at sea, ship Vancouver, 1879, Feb. 3. Edwin R. (Capt), married 1881, Aug. 17, Matilda Ring, dau. George. Charles Ephraim, married 1893, Nov. 20, Alice M. Higby, dau John W. Robert Henry, married in England and settled there. Joseph F.; died at sea, U.S. man-of-war Powhattan, 1883, March 27. Arthur H.; lost at sea 1882, March 31. Byron S.; fell from aloft and died at sea 1887, May 15. 1868, July 3, Lyman Allen; died young, 1871, Sept. 8.
(4) Beveridge, Capt. David 3d, son Capt. David W. 2d, married 1st, 1859, Nov. 14, Abigail Allen, daughter Joseph; 2nd, Mary Beveridge, widow George L., and had: Idaretta, married 1880, Jany. 4, Horace VanHorn, son Richard. George Randolph, married 1886, March 19, Jennie M. Trefry, dau Samuel. David Everett, married 1889, Feb. 14, Sarah Smith. dau Thomas K. 2d. Hiram Clements, married 1890, Mar. 29, Mary B. Hersey, dau Harvey R. 1870, Jany. 1, Eudora L.; died 1875, Oct. 10, aged 6 years.
(5) Beveridge, John, son Capt. David W. 1st, married Eliza Hersey, daughter Jesse, and had: Matilda A., m. 1866, Dec.13, William Williams 3d, son John 1st,Chegoggin. Dorcas, not married. Mary Eliza, not married. Jane, not married. Cynthia, married ? Muncey, son Joseph F.
(6) Beveridge, Capt. Robert C., son David W. 1st, married Rebecca Bent, daughter Elkanah; died 1841, Sept. 23, and had: Amanda M., married Daniel Ellis, son Benjamin. 1840, Thomas K., married 1863, July 24, Henrietta Blackadar, daughter John; died 1883, Dec. 10. Robert N., married Lydia A. Raymond, daughter Benjamin R. I well remember that Capt. Robert C. Beveridge was one of Capt. Thomas Killam's favorite shipmasters and that he deeply lamented his early death. Before he was master he sailed with Capt. Killam as first mate.
(7) Beveridge, Capt. Robert N., son Capt. Robert C., married Lydia A. Raymond, daughter of Benjamin R., and had: 1862, July 8, Ella D., married 1883, Dec 24, Vorus F. Chute, son Israel; died 1904, Nov 30. 1866, Dec 29, Carrie B., died 1870

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