Yarmouth Genealogies
no. 94

compiled by George S. Brown

The Harding and Harris Families

(Reprinted from the Yarmouth Herald, Dec. 9, 1913)

(1)Coloniel Israel Harding, of New London, Connecticut, was among those who went to Kings County, Nova Scotia, a few years after the expulsion of the Acadian French in 1755 and settled at Horton in that County. He married, in 1759, Sarah Harris, born 1739, Dec. 18, a daughter of Lebbeus Harris, of New London, and had:
1761, Oct. 10, Harris, who married Mehitable, daughter of Benjamin Harrington, of Liverpool, Queens County, Nova Scotia.
Mehitable died 1854, March 7.

(2)Rev. Harris Harding (Baptist), son of Col. Israel, married Mehitable, daughter of Benjamin Harrington. She died aged 81. They had:
1797, James, died 1862, June 8, unmarried.
1798, March 12, Benjamin, who married 1821, April 1, his cousin, Margaret Anne Harding, daughter of Israel.
Lodowick, lost at sea, unmarried.
Smith, married Mary VanBuren, of New York State, niece of Martin VanBuren, once President of United States.
1804, Feb. 29, Sarah, married 1824, September, Capt. Robert Brown, second son of John Brown, of Hamilton, on the River Clyde, about 20 miles above Glasgow. She died 1895, May 13. Capt. Robert Brown was the younger brother of my father, the Hon. Stayley Brown, of the Legislative Council and Executive Councils of Nova Scotia. He, Robert, built the first brick house erected in Yarmouth, still standing, opposite the jail.
1806, Mary Alice, married 1824, Nov. 25, Thomas Dane Chipman, son of Deacon Zachariah.
Israel, married Elizabeth Flint, daughter of Capt. David. He died 1880, July 17.
1811, Elizabeth, married Rev. James Lent, of Tusket, son of James. She died 1862, Jan. 11.
William, died at sea, 1837, Dec. 2, unmarried.
1812, Tracy G., married 1837, Nov. 29, Sarah L. Cochran, of New York. He died 1846, Dec. 2.
1821, Mehitable M., married 1839, May 16, Henry Lavers, of Hants County, N.S. She died 1897, Dec. 10.

(3)Benjamin Harding, son of Rev. Harris, married 1821, April 1, Margaret Anne Harding, daughter of Israel, and had:
1821, Nov. 1, Israel.
1823, Aug. 23, Stewart, married 1847, abigail Fields, of Brooklyn, New York.
1826, Feb. 19, Rachel, married 1846, Feb. 25, William Barker Brooks.
1827, Dec. 23, Harris, died unmarried.
1829, Dec. 6, Sarah, married Raymond Sprague, of incinnati.
1831, Oct. 1, Lodowick, married Melinda Lockhart, of Hantsport, N.S.
1834, Aug. 1, Lucy Batchelder.
1836, Aug. 30, Benjamin.
1838, Feb. 5, Maria Moody, married 1861, Oct., George W. Earhart.
1840, Dec. 7, Alice Maud, married 1866, Feb. 9, Charles C. Jones.
1846, Nov. 21, Beatrice A.
1848, Nov. 19, Laleah Amelia.

(4)Smith Harding, son of Rev. Harris, married Mary VanBuren, daughter John R.M.D., of New York, and had:
John S. VanBuren, married Emily Gavel, daughter Andrew.
Phoebe E., married 1st, William Harrison, of New York; 2nd, James G. Wilson.
William H., married 1856, March 13, Margaret Nickerson.
George, lost at sea, unmarried.

(5)John S.V.B., son of Smith, married Emily Gavel, daughter of Andrew, and had:
Jane, married Andrew A. Durkee, son of John M.

(6)Deacon Israel Harding, son Rev. Harris, married Elizabeth Flint, daughter Capt. David, and had:
1832, Sep. 2, Elizabeth, married 1856, Oct. 11, James D. Patten, son Jonathan.
Martha, married 1855, Nov. 1, Job Lynns Hatfield, son John V.N.
William, lost at sea, 1857, January.
Margaret Patillo, died 1853, Dec 18, aged 12 years.
Sarah, married James Langille.
Mary Alice, married 1863, July 1, Benj. B. Congdon.
Louisa, married Henry C. Mecklem, New York.
Smith, married Mary Beckwith, daughter Dr. J.K. Beckwith, of Lockeport, Shelburne Co., Nova Scotia.

(7)Tracy G. Harding, son Rev. Harris, married 1837, Nov. 29, Sarah L. Cochran, of New York; died 1846, Dec. 2, and had:
Caroline M., married 1854, Nov. 26, Peter Lent Hatfield, son of Capt. James, who died 1846.
Sarah Louisa, married 1863, Sept. 4, Christopher Fine, of New York.
Tracy G., married 1866, Nov. 7, James G. Sands, of New York; died 1897, Feb. 28.
Julia, died young.

(8) Capt. Robert Brown, son John, married 1824, September, Sarah Harding, daughter Rev. Harris; died 1854, March 22, and had:
1826, Jan. 3, John, married Sarah Bosworth, of Taunton, Mass. He died or was killed before Richmond in 1861.
1827, Oct. 25, William Berkmyre, died 1863, unmarried.
1829, Aug. 9, Robert Balfour, married 1860, July 28, Hannah C. Jenkins, daughter William H.; died 1909, Apr. 29.
1831, June 6, Douglas Belcher, married 1st, Madeline Williams; 2nd, Myra Fuller, daughter Capt. F., of South Danvers, Mass.
1833, Aug. 9, Janet, married 1864, Sept. 6, Rev. George E. Freeman, of Caledonia, Queens Co., Nova Scotia.
1835, Sep. 19, Mary Alice, died 1881, unmarried.
1838, Feb. 28, Thomas H., married 1868, Sept. 14, Letitia Griger, widow of William.
1840, Oct. 6, Elizabeth, married 1874, April 13, Capt. Thomas Perry, son Edward.
1843, Apr. 17, Capt. Herbert Huntington, married Rachel Abercnomhie, daughter of John, of Glasgow. Capt. H.H. was lost at sea, 1892, Aug. 15.
1845, Sep. 21, Charlotte, married 1871, Nov. 17, James A. Merrell, son James M., both dentists.
1848, Nov. 11, Sarah, died 1849, Sept. 10.

(9)Thomas Dane Chipman, son Zachariah, married 1824, Nov. 25, Mary Alice Harding, daughter Rev. Harris; died 1882, July 26, and had:
1825, Sep. 12, Maria, married 1843, July 27, Peter Parker, of Cornwallis, N.S.; died 1896, Aug. 20.
1827, May 20, Miner, lost at sea, unmarried.
1829, Apr. 30, Lodowick, married 1st, 18?0, Dec. 19, Hannah Church, daughter Rufus; 2nd, ? Fitzgerald; 3rd, ? Ross.
1831, Jan. 26, Mary Alice, married 1st, 1847, Dec. 2, Roland H. Porter; 2nd, John Edgecomb, of Saco, Me.
1832, Dec. 22, Thomas D., married 1858, Dec. 15, Cecilia Cann, daughter Lyman 1st.
1834, Apr. 15, Laleah, died 1858, Feb. 17, unmarried.
1837, Apr. 10, Sarah E., died 1856, Dec. 20, unmarried.

(10)Rev. James Lent, son James, married Elizabeth , daughter Rev. Harris Harding, and had:
William Henry, drowned 1837, Jan. 2, aged 7 years.
Lydia, married 1854, March 12, Thomas Kirby, M.D., son Colonel Thomas C., served in Battle of Waterloo, Irish Regiment.
Bridget, married 1855, May 12, Stephen N. Allen, of Arcadia, Yarmouth Co.
Alice, married 1862, March 8, Alfred Crosby, son Capt. William; died 1898, Jan. 22, aged 55.
William T., married 1st, 1863, Oct. 11, Charlotte Vaughn, daughter Capt. Daniel, of St. John, N.B.; 2nd, Matilda Brown, widow William.
Harris, married Alice Cook.
Julia, married Archibel Ray.

(11)Henry Lavers, of Hants County, married Mehitable M. Harding, daughter Rev. Harris; died 1862, March 31, and had:
1839, Dec. 5, George R., married Annie Bent Starrett, daughter George, of Annapolis County; died 1901, April 30. Charles, died 1845, aged 4 years.
Harris H., married Etta Coleold, of Boston.
1849, May 9, Tracy G., married Mariah Lavers, his cousin; died 1844, jan. 21.
1852, Sep. 14, Charles W., died 1907, June 17, unmarried.
Rev. A. Henry, married Amelia King, of Shelburne.
Thomas B., married Annie Murray, of Liverpool, N.S.
Benjamin Handing, died 1859, May 15.

(12)Israel Harding, son of Colonel Israel, married 1810, Rachel Fowler, of White Plains, New York; died 1846, Jan. 28, at Johnstown, Ohio, and had:
Israel, died 1820, Nov. 19, unmarried.
Abigail Ward, married 1821, April 23, James B. Moody, son of John; died 1894, March 5.
1805, Aug. 20, Sarah Rachel, married Elisha W. B. Moody.
1806, June, Margaret Anne, married 1821, April 1, Benjamin Harding, son Rev. Harris.
Rebecca, married Capt George S. Fletcher, son of Dr. Richard. He and his wife died at Melbourne, Australia, in 1853.
John M., married in Boston and lived there.
Laleah Amelia, married 1st, 1838, Mar. 14, Capt Daniel Vaughan, of St. John, N.B.; 2nd, 1850, Aug. 11, Rev. William Burton, of Yarmouth.
1812, Charles Hill, died at Yarmouth 1840, unmarried.
Dorothy, married 1st, Capt James Burton, brother to Rev. William; 2nd, William Wilson, of Carleton, N.B.
Marion, married 1847, Mar. 17, James Urquhart, teacher.
Henrietta, married Richard O. Saunders, son William, of Annapolis. She died 1898, Feb. 17.
Elizabeth, married 1849, Sep. 16, Silas Vaughan, of St. John, N.B.
Sarah Harding died 1846, Jan. 26, aged 70, while on a visit to her sister, Mary, at Johnstown, Ohio. Mrs. Rachel Harding died in Yarmouth, 1860, aged 77, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E.W.B. Moody.

(13)James Budd Moody, son of John, married 1821, Apr. 23, Abigail W. Harding, daughter Israel. He died Oct. 22, 1828. He had:
James, who went to Australia, 1852, in Brig. "Brilliant".
Margaret Jane, married 1844, May 2, Thomas V.B. Bingay, son of Sheriff John, all of Yarmouth.
Sarah, Married 1852, Aug. 16, Archibald Campbell, son Colin M.
1827, Elizabeth, married 1854, Jan. 1, Joshua A. Freeman, of Liverpool, N.S. She died at Melbourne, Australia, 1854, June 15.
1828, Maria Taylor, died at Yarmouth 1846, Nov. 5, unmarried.

(14)Elisha W.B. Moody, son John, married 1st. Sarah Rachel Harding, daughter Israel; 2nd, 1852, June 27, Mary Anne Stewart, of Digby. He died 1863, March 5, and had:
1826, Nov. 19, John Wentworth, married 1857, Nov. 17, Jennie Braine, daughter James H., of New York. He died 1894, June 16.
1828, July 5, James Budd 2d, married 1850, October, Mary Forman, daughter John. James B. died 1897, Dec. 20.
1829, Charles W., died 1852, Aug. 28, unmarried.
1836, May 9, Jane, married 1854, May 9, Norman J. Bond, son Hon. James.
Ralph, married 1st, 1865, Apr. 27, Wealthie Brown, daughter Robert S. Benjamin; 2nd, have no record. 3rd, Minnie ?, of Detroit.
1839, Annie, married Thos. C. Moody, son William H. 1st.
Margaret Budd, married 1860, Jan. 18, Stephen B. Bond, son of Jos. B.
1843, Mar. 13, Robert Robinson, married 1868, Oct. 13, Sarah F. Harrison, daughter Charles, of Clinton, Iowa.
Lewis M. Wilkins, died 1845, May 2, aged 7 months.
Edward Nichols, married Charlotte Hatfield, daughter Capt. John V.N., of Tusket. He died 1889, April.
George Fletcher, married Sophia Burton, daughter Capt. James
.... children of second wife:
Grace, married Arthur C. Hutchinson.
William Stewart, married 1882, May 8, Minna Caroline Killam, daughter Capt. George.
Catharine Grantham.
Henry Stewart, died young.

(15)Capt. George S. Fletcher, son Dr. Richard, married 1830, June 1, Rebecca Harding, daughter of Israel, and had:
1832, March, Georgiana Adelaid, married 1852, Nov. 22, George F. Everett, of St. John, N.B. Died at Ottawa, Ontario 1900, Dec.8.
1834, Richard (Capt), married 1856, Oct. 22, Frances Dane, daughter Thomas. He (Capt Richard) died 1886, Feb. 15.
Laleah, died in California, 1881, unmarried.
George Stephen, married Carrie Frost, Lower Argyle, Yar. Co.

Copied and record extended to this date 31 November 1913.

George S. Brown, aged 86, 39 Upton Street, Boston.

Memo: My mother was Charlotte Letitia Fletcher, daughter of Dr. Richard and brother of Capt. George Steohen Fletcher, for whom I was named.

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