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EDitor Yarmouth Herald:

by George S. Brown, 30, 1901, April, Yarmouth, NS

Note: The following is a typed reprint of the genealogy from the Yarmouth Herald newspaper. Some parts were hard to read, and when typing sometimes errors are added, but I think all the information is correct. But if you see any errors, please email.
(Wayne Manser).
Editor Yarmouth Herald:
For more than 500 years the Treffreys have been among the prominent families of County Cornwall, in the south of England. Their principal seat was at Fowey, a seaport in that country, and the following extracts are taken from an interesting sketch of the place which appeared in the Christmas number of the Masonic Magazine for the year 1878:
"One of the most interesting and picturesque places in Cornwall (that most picturesque of Counties) is the ancient town of Fowey (originally spelt and still pronounced Foy) and yet it is a place which to the general tourist is utterly unknown.
"It is true that some of our yachting men have discovered that there is here one of the loveliest and safest land-locked harbours in England, and within the last few years the Duke and Duchess of Argyle, the Duke of Sutherland, the Earl of Boden, the Earl of Ducie, the Duke of Bedford, Baroness Burdett-Coutts, Lord Alfred Paget, Sir George Stukely, Baronet, Lord Crenmorne, Earl Beauchamp, Lord Penzane, the Marquis of Stafford, Baroness de Rothschild, the Earl of Gosford, and other distinguished people have visited Fowey in their yachts and gone away well pleased with their discovery of so charming a locality.....
"Entering Fowey Harbour from the sea, on your right are the great cliffs above Polruan, rising some 400 feet out of the sea in perpendicular height; and at the highest point, Black Bottle Head, presenting a bold and precipitous, not to say apitiless front to the sea.
"Polruan, which is just opposite to Fowey, is a queer, straggling village, which climbs up the side of a hill, parts of the by-streets being literally carved out of the rocks. On the summit of the hill, which dominates the little town or village, are the remains of St. Savior's Monastery, and further on an old Cornish cross over a holy well, and the view from thence is very fine. On the top of the cliffs you can see, in fine weather, looking eastward, far beyond the Rame Head, round which one goes into Plymouth Sound to the Bolt Head and Tail, 50 miles off, and on this side of Dartmouth; whilst on the other side you look across westward to Point Neptune, St. Catharine's Head, with the old castle of the time of Henry VIII, (1509-1547) still in fair preservation, beneath it, and the mausoleum at the top, ontaining the remains of the Hon. Mrs. Rashleigh (daughter of the 11th Lord Blantyre) and her husband, Brother Rashleigh, a well known Mason, and a member of an old Cornish family connected with Fowey for centuries past. .......
"The Parish Church is a very fine structure, built in the reign of Edward IV, (1461-1483) on the site of a much older edifice, and recently restored at the cost of $5000, raised through the exertions of the vicor, the Rev. H.N. Purcell, and brother, Rev. De Treffry, of Place. The monuments here to the memory of the Treffrys and Rashleighs, principally Elizabethan, are very fine, and have been restored and painted by Dr. Drake, a descendant of the famous Sir Francis Drake, a well known Cornish genealogist.
"D. Drake, who is an accomplished scholar and antiquarian, and author as well as an artist, has added much interest to the church by painting the Shields, with arms of the ancient families connected with Fowey, and has published, amoungst other more important works, an interesting little history of St. Fimbarrus Church, containing an account of the antiquities. St. Fimbarrus, a Colonial Bishop of the 6th century, is said to be buried here.
"So the genealogist traces the history of Fowey from the heraldic Shields containing the arms of the Plantagenets, Bohnns, Courtenays, Carews, Rashleighs, Treffrys, and other less known names of families connected with the place.
"In 1347 Fowey sent 47 ships and 770 men for the siege of Calais. Love, now a creek in Fowey, but then an independent port, sent 20 ships and 315 mariners to assist King Edward III, on this occasion; whilst London only furnished 25 ships and 662 mariners. This will give an idea of the importance of these western ports in these old days. The streets of Fowey are so narrow that in no place could two carriages pass one another, and in many places in the principal thorough fares, if one meets a vihicle of any sort, it is necessary to stand in a doorway and trust to Providence not to be run over. There are one or two quaint Elizabethan houses, with queer gables, latticed heavy mullioned windows, and deep-carved barge-boards, dear to the atiquarian; and one fine old house, said to have been the town residence of the Rashleighs in the 14th or 15th century, still retains its beautiful old stone Gothic windows and doorways, and fine carved oak beams across the roof, ..........
"BUT THE MOST INTERESTING BUILDING IN FOWEY IS PLACE,(which is the old British for palace) a Gothic castellated residence of the 15th century, standing on an eminence above the church, in its own beautiful grounds, and the residence of agentleman of the old school, the Rev. Edward Treffry, D.C.L., a very worthy brother Mason, P.M. of the Fowey Lodge, and a P.E.C. of the Restoronel Preceptory of Knights Templar of Tywardreath. There is a very beautiful porphyry hall at Place, itself alone worth coming many miles to see. The roof, walls and floor are all polished porphyry, and it is said that its value taking into consideration the labour as well as the cost of materials, is such that if it were lined instead with the precious metals it could not have cost more. The Queen and Prince Consort in 1848, and the Prince and Princess of Wales subsequently, visited Fowey, and were hospitably entertained, of course, at Place. The Prince was very much struck with the porphyry hall, and said that he would like to build one like it at Windsor, but that he could not afford it. A great carved high-backed chair, which was used by Queen Elizabeth when she visited the ..hen B.... ...xeter, and which was given to the la.....ner of Place by Bishop Phillipotts, was pointed out to Her Majasty, who made a reverence or deep obeisance to it, and declined to sit in it, remarking that it was not royal etiquette to be seated in the chair of her ancestors.
"There are one or two interesting stained glass windows in Place, one of the peroid containing the Black Prince's badge. Here also is a portrait of Hugh Peters, Cromwell's chaplain, who married a Treffry, and who was executed for high treason.
"In 1457 King John of France sent a squadron of ships to burn down and ravage the town, in revenge for many victories obtained over the French by "the gallant men of Foyer" as they were called in the middle ..... sailed past the forts built in the ...... Richard III (1327-1377) and which are still standing, and came secretly in the dead of night and burned the little town, whilst the inhabitants fled in terror from their enimies. They afterwards attacked Place, which was at that time fortified; and the then owner, Thomas Treffry, being absent, his wife, Dame Elizabeth Treffry, rallied the citizens around her, fought the French and drove them back to their ships; and her effigy, which was discovered some years since when restoring the castle, is now to be seen over a granite gateway under the Great Tower, with a record of her heroism,"

Epitaphs in Church at Fowey:
Here lyeth ye Body of Sir John Treffry, Knight,
William Treffry and Thomas Freffry, Esquires, Brethren,
Died in ye month of September ye sayd Sir John ye XVI yere (1501)
and ye sayd William ye XX ye Rayng of Kyng Henry ye VII (1505)
and ye sayd Thomas Treffry ye first yere of the Rayng of Kyng Henry the Eight. (1509)

Here in this chancell doth ly
Known by name of John Treffry,
Being made and born to dye
So must thou driend as well as I.
Therefore good works be sure to try
But chiefly Love and Charity.
And still on them with Faith rely
To be happy eternally.

How the name Treffry is pronounced in Fowey now I do not know. The Treffrys are supposed to have come into England originally from the Channel Islands, and if the name is French the accent would be on the last syllable, as in common in French names with two syllables and ending with "y".
The late Judge Story (a native of Marblehead) tells this story: "Once when trying a case in Boston, the clerk called 'Michael Treffry', one of the jury. There was no answer, and the clerk again called 'Michael Treffry', and still no answer. 'It is strange' said the clerk, ' I saw that man here not two minutes ago.' 'Where does he come from?' asked the Judge. 'Marblehead, your honor.,' said the clerk, handing the list to the Judge. 'Call Mike Trevye,' said the Judge, and the clerk called "Mike Trevye.' 'Here', answered a ruff voice. 'Why did you not answer before?' said the clerk, and the juryman said, 'My name is Mike Trevye, as everone knows.'" Such, too, was the popular pronunciation in Chegogue 100 years ago.
Marblehead, Mass., was first settled about 1629. Says Hon. Samuel Roads, jr., the historian of that town: "From their manners and customs, but more especially from their dialect, it would seem that the early settlers were natives of Germany and Jersey." The name of Thomas Trefry first appears in the records there in 1661, but he may have been there some years earlier. He had two sons, Thomas and James, and probably other children.
TREFRY, THOMAS 2d, son Thomas, married,
1st, Sarah ----; 2d, 1692 Aug 14, Anna or Agnes Dennis; 3d, 1701 Nov 18, Elizabeth Humphrey, and had:
1689, June 5, John; died young.

Children of 2d wife:
1694, Aug 7, Thomas, married, 1715 Dec 13, Rebecca Wermstall.
1696, Dec 5, Mary.
1698, Sept 5, James.
1700, July 16, Annis.

Children of 3d wife:
1703, Aug 2, John, married, 1724 Jan 9, Sarah Abbott.
1707, May 26, William.
1709, Feb 3, Sarah.

TREFRY, JAMES, son Thomas 1st, married, 1702 June 8, Sarah, daughter Henry and Elizabeth (Pitman) Russell, and had:
1703, July 30, Sarah.
1705, Sept 16, Elizabeth.
1709, Feb 3, Mary.
1711, Sept 10, John, married, 1734 Sept 23, Hannah Pitman, daughter Joseph.
1714, Aug 14, Margaret.
1716, Aug 8, James.

Mrs. Elizabeth Russell above was a daughter of Thomas Pitman 1st, of Marblehead.

About the year 1776 Capt. John Trefry and Capt. Joshua Pitman Trefry came from Marblehead to Chebogue and settled on Chebogue Point. In the grants of Yarmouth Township in 1767 Capt. John Trefry was allotted 2 shares, 1911 acres, and Capt. Joshua P. Trefry 1 share, 888 acres.
TREFRY, CAPT. JOHN 1st, son James, married, 1734, Sept 23, Hannah Pitman, daughter Joseph, and had:
Joshua Pitman 2d, married, 1st, 1782 Jan 2, Elizabeth Kinney, daughter Nathan 1st; 2d, (s,p) Margaret (Frost) Randall, widow.
James 1st, married 1793 Jan 3, Elizabeth Allen, daughter Capt. John 1st; died 1844 Dec 23.
John 2d, married, 1788 April 8, Sarah Scott, daughter Moses.
Mary, married, 1st, 1788 Nov 11, Capt. Robert MacKinnon 1st, son Lieut. John; 2d, Gottfried Turbeson.

And probably other daughters born at Marblehead.

TREFRY, CAPT. JOSHUA PITMAN 1st, married, 1762 Nov 9, Mary Allen, sister of Capt. John 1st, and had:
1774, Sept 9, Elizabeth, married --- Tufts, of Halifax.
1776, July, a daughter; died 17777 Feb 7.
1778, Jan 19, Thomas (twin), married Martha Allen.
1778, Jan 19, Mark (twin), married, (s.p) Mary Falkner.
1780, Nov 3, Benjamin, married Rebecca Trask, daughter Thomas 1st.
1782, May 28, William, married Elizabeth Ellenwood, daughter Samuel.

Mark Trefry was long the proprietor of a well-known public house on the Windsor Road. Having no children of his own he adopted Joshua, Zilpha and Jane, three children of his twin brother Thomas.

TREFRY, CAPT. JOSHUA P. 2d, son Capt. John 1st., married,
1st, 1782 Jan 2, Elizabeth Kinney, daughter Nathan 1st;
2d, (s.p), Margaret (Frost) Randall, widow, and had:
1783, May 18, Elizabeth, married, 1st, Ezra Churchill 2d, son Ezra; 2d, Lepton Falkner, of Hantsport.
1786, Aug 1, Mary, married, 1806 Jan, Capt. Peleg Holmes, son Deacon Nathaniel 1st.
1788, May ?, Joshua P. 3d, married, 1st, 1812, Bethia Eldridge, daughter Elishama; 2d, 1860 Nov 20, Lavinia Crowell, widow; died 1870 April 7.
1790, April 23, James 2d, married 1st, Rebecca Crowell, daughter Rev. Thomas; 2d, Sarah (Hicks) Tedford, widow Capt. Jacob 1st.
1792, June 22, Mercy, married Marcus Ring, son Marcus.
1794, July 4, Lydia, married, 1811 April 4, Elisha Holmes, son Deacon Nathaniel 1st.
1796, April 28, Sarah, married John C. Wyman 1st, son James 1st.
1798, Aug 28, Thomasine; died 1798 Aug 28.
1799, Aug 13, George, married Abigail Perry, daughter Elisha; died 1864 Jan 4.
1801, Aug 23, Benjamin, married Deborah Hatfield, daughter Colonel Job.
1804, Jan 10, Matilda, married Capt. James Rathburn, of Horton, NS.
1806, Feb 22, Thomasine, married Capt. Wm. Clements 3d, son Capt. Elkanah 1st; died ???? Aug 22.
1808, Feb ?, Abraham Allen, married 1827 Aug 16, Zilpha Perry, daughter Elisha; died 1882 March 8.
TREFRY, JOSHUA P. 3d, son Joshua P. 2d, married, 1st, 1812, Bethia Eldridge, daughter Elishama;
2d, 1860 Nov 29, Lavinia Crowell, widow; died 1870 April 7, and had:
1813, Kimbal, married --- Godfrey, daughter lightkeeper at West Lubec, Me.
1815, Lydia, married Levi Teal, of Cambridge, Mass.
1817, Thomas, a bachelor, went west; last heard of in 1870.
1819, Merideth, married --- Smith, of Lubec; removed to Eastport and built a brick block there.
1821, Emily; died aged 4 years.
1823, Reuben Clements, married, 1843 Dec 27, Letitia Kimball, daughter Capt. Samuel, Barrington.
1825, William; settled at West Dennis, Cape Cod; was twice married there and had sons and daughters.
TREFRY, REUBEN CLEMENTS, son Joshua P. 3d, married 1848 Dec 27, Letitia Kimball, daughter Capt. Samuel, Barrington, and had:
1849, Dec 17, Emily Bertha, married Austin Seeley; died 1895 Nov 9.
1851, Dec 4, James Reuben, married 1881 May 17, Eva Marie Doane, daughter James Mann.
1853, Aug 3, Hallet Crowell, married 1884 Nov 9, (s.p) Ada Bourne, of Liverpool, England; died 1895 Jan 1.
1855, July 8, Merideth; died 1877 June 4, unmarried.
1857, May 8, Timothy Allen, married, 1st, 1882 July 4, Lydia Boblee, of P.E.I.; 2d, (s.p), Josephine -----, in United States.
1859, April 28, Alfred Kimball, married 1891 Nov 25, (s.p) Minnie Walsh, daughter Patrick, of P.E.I.
1860, Oct 14, Franklin Thompson, married 1892 July 15, (s.p) Sarah Ford, of New Hampshire.
1862, Jan 31, Joseph Norman Bond, married 1895 March 12, Ethel Bullerwell, daughter William 2d.
1864, Dec 11, Gustive Napoleon, married 1893 Nov, Lizzie Jeffery, daughter Archibald.
1866, Feb 14, Mary Alice; died aged 3 weeks.
1868, Aug 17, Mary Christina, married 1894 Oct, Zebina Earle, son Edward.
TREFRY, JAMES REUBEN, son Reuben C., m. 1881, May 17, Eva Maria Doane, dau. James Mann, and had:
1882, March 21, Joseph Ashton; d. 1882, April 15.
1884, June 21, Florence Alma.
1888, April 18, Hallett Lloyd.
1890, Oct. 18, John Harold.
1895, Sept. 23, Annie Violet.
TREFRY, TIMOTHY ALLEN, son Reuben C., m. (1st) 1882, July 4, Lydia Roblee, of P.E. Island; (2nd) (s.p.) Josephine ---, in U.S., and had:
1882, Dec., Francis.
1885, Georgina.
TREFRY, JOSEPH N. BOND, son Reuben C., m., 1895, March 12, Ethel Bullerwell, dau. William 2d, and had:
1896, Oct. 10, Vera Lee.
TREFRY, GUSTAVE NAPOLEON, son Reuben C., m., 1893, Nov., Lizzie Jeffery, dau. Archibald, and had:
1895, Mary.
1897, Josephine.
1899, March, Hallett.
Austin Seeley m. Emily Bertha Trefry, dau. Reuben C., and had:
1890, Oct., Merideth Austin
Zebina Earle, son Edward, m., 1984, Oct., Mary Christina Trefry, dau., Reuben C., and had:
Edward Elmer, d. in infancy.
TREFRY, James 2d, son Capt. Joshua P., 2d, m. (1st) Rebecca Crowell, dau. Rev. Thomas; (2d) Sarah (Hicks) Tedford, widow Capt. Jacst, and had:
1813, Thomas Crowell, m. (s.p.), Lydia Anne Churchill, dau. Lemuel 3d; d. 1900, May 16.
1817, March 9, James, m. 1839, Nov 13, Theodosia Hatfield, dau. Col. Job, and moved to Micigan.
1819, Catharine, m. William Currier, son Nathaniel; d. 1891, March 5.
1824, Jan 11, Joshua Pitman, m. 1848, May 11, Janet Crowell, dau. Paul 2d, of Barrington.
Sarah, m. George Hicks, son James 1st.
1826, Feb 26, Joseph C., m. 1848, Dec 21, Margery Smith, dau Capt. Jesse, of Barrington; drowned 1873, May 28.
1829, Mary Agnes, m. 1848 Oct 22, Jonathan Moulton 2d, son Jonathan; d. 1859, Nov 6.
Andrew, m. 1852, Feb 4, Sarah Anne Allen, dau Lyman.
Jane, m. John Gray, son James 1st; had 7 children, and all d. young or unm.
1838, Jan 4, Harvey D., m. Elizabeth W. Crowell, dau Joseph, Barrington.
1839, Richard H. m.(1st) 1861, June 15, Margaret Trask, dau Elkanah;
(2d) 1898 April 11, Annie Smith, dau Timothy, Cape Island; d. 1901 May 21.
Children of 2d wife:
Caleb Cook; lost at sea, unm.

TREFRY, JAMES, son James 2d, m., 1839, Nov. 13, Theodosia Hatfield, dau. CoL Job; d. 1897. Nov. 10, and had:
1840, Oct 11, Eliza Hatfield, not married.
1842, April 18, Edward Bingay, m. Frances Town; had 4 children.
1844. Dec. 11, Janet Robertson, m. George Wagoner; had 2 children.
1845. Sept 11, Susan R., m. Murray Cranson; had 1 child.
1847, Sept 9, James C; not married.
1850, Feb. 25, Theodosia Hatfield, m. Emmet A. Cranson; had 1 child.
1852, May 11, Agnes M.; d. 1853, Oct 14.
1854, May 23, Maria R.; d. 1881, June 9, unm.
1856, July 10, John, m. Annette Spring; had 4 children.
1858, Nov. 19, Ellen Grantham, m. Cyrus Rogers; had 1 child; d. 1894, ApriT 11.
1861, Nov. 9, Isabel Grantham, m. Charles Brainard; had 4 children.

Mrs. Theodosia Trefry d. 1883, June 12, aged 64.

TREFRY, JOSHUA PITMAN, son James 2d, m., 1848, May 11, Janet Crowell, dau. Paul 2d, of Barrington, and had:
1851, Jan. 19, ISRAEL, m. Georgina Fillibrown.
1854, Jan. 22, ANDREW W., m. Laura A. Wilson, dau. Capt Israel L.
1857, April 29, WILSON C, m. Elizabeth Hitohens.
1864, July 28, James Hartley, (s.p.) [in.] Mary Crowell, dau. Archibald.
1866, Sept 26, Adelbert J., m. (s.p.) Euphemia Taylor, dau. Capt. Thomas, of Pubnico.
1869, Feb. 27, GEORGE CLIFFORD, m. Caroline Jackett.
TREFRY, ISRAEL, son Joshua Pitman, m. Georgina Fillibrown, and had:
TREFRY, ANDREW W., son Joshua Pitman, m. Laura A. Wilson, dau. Capt Israel L., and had:
1876, Sept 13, Nellie Beatrice.
1883, March 9, Wilfrid Chesley.
TREFRY, WILSON Q, son Joshua P., m., 1890. July 16, Elizabeth Kitchens, and had:
1891. May 26, Cecil M.
1892. July 11, Hilda J.
1894, July 28, Belle W.
TREFRY, GEORGE CLIFFORD, son Joshua P., m. Caroline Jackett, and had:
George Clifford.
TREFRY, JOSEPH C., son James 2d, m., 1848, Dec, 21, Margery Smith, dau. Capt Jesse; drowned 1873, May 28, and had:
1855, June 9, JOSEPH E.. m. (1st) 1884, Oct 30, Deborah Crowell, dau. Seth W., Barrington; (2d) 1900, Dec. 10, Ada Smith, widow John.
Annie Theresa, m. John F. Godfrey, school teacher.
Mrs. Margery Trefry d. 1897, Dec. 30, aged 67.
TREFRY, JOSEPH E., son Joseph C., m., (1st) 1884, Oct 30, Deborah Crowell, dau. Seth W., Barrington; (2d) 1900, Dec. 10, Ada Smith, widow John, and had:
1885. Aug. 14, Annie Pauline, [sic]
1886. June 28, Elizabeth Wilson.
1888. Jan. 23, Edith Crowell.
1889. July 7, Jennie Elaine.
1891, Feb. 5, Joseph Edgar; d. in infancy.
1893. Nov. 10, Margery E.
TREFRY, ANDREW, son James 2d, m., 1852, Feb. 4, Sarah Anne Alien, dau. Lyman, and had:
Theodosia, m. William Weddteton 2d, son William.
TREFRY, HARVEY D., son James 2d, m. Elizabeth W. Crowell, dau. Joseph, Barrington, and had:
1863, Oct 31, Frederick Augustus; d. 1865, Jan 29.
1865, Aue. 31, ALBERT HARVEY, m., 1892, May 23, Lois Winifred (Scott) Law, widow Ernest E.
1868, April 21, Henry Crowell; d. 1869.Dec.25.
1870, July 2, Edna Mary, not married, 1900.
1876, June 28, Clarence Leslie; d. 1890, March 10.
TREFRY, ALBERT H., spn Harvey D., m., 1892, May 23, Lois Wimifred (Scot) Law, widow Ernest E. and dau. Capt James P. Scott, and had:
1893, Oct 7, Harold Scott.
1895, June 19, Olive.
TREFRY. RICHARD H., son James 2d, m. (1st) 1861, June 15, Margaret Trask, dau. Elkanah; (2d) 1898, April 11, Annie Smith, dau. Timothy. Cape Island; d. 1901, March 21, and had:
Laura, m., 1885, John M. Baker, son Capt Samuel
Annie, m. Edmund Nickerson, Barrington.
Murray; d., aged 19, unm.
James Melbourne, m. Ora Hogg, dau. John.
Child of 2d wife:
WILLIAM CURRIER, son Nathaniel, m. CATHARINE TREFRY. dau. James 2d; d. 1900, April 18, and had:
William; d. young,
Ellen Avery, m., 1859, Dec. 25, Alfred W. Potter, son Jacob
Norman Bond.
Nathaniel, m., Selina Raymond, dau. Calvin.
Bertha; d.. aged 19 years.
James T., m. Lydia C, Brown, dau. Charles 2d.
Bessie; d. 1861, Aug. 19, aged 3 months.
Joanna, m. Capt Albert H. Keltey, son James A.
William L., m. Mary Bames, dau. George; d. 1894, Oct 12.
TREFRY, CAPT. GEORGE, son Capt Joshua P. 2d, m. Abigail Perry, dau. Elisha; d. 1864, Jan 4, and had:
1823, June 12, George Kendall, m. 1850 Nov 5, Catherine Crowell, dau. Thomas; d. 1899, Sept 24.
1825, June 7, Anna Clements, m. 1852, Jan 8, David Richards, son John 2d; d. 1887, March 15.
1826, Aug 29, Silas Clements, m. 1860 Sept 29, Abigail (Bent) Dowley, widow John; d. 1885, Jan 8.
1828, Sept 19, ELISHA PERRY, m. 1859, Dec 4, Sarah K. Hitchens, dau. Richard; d. 1895, Dec-4.
1830, Jan-24, DELANCEY GESNER, m. Rachel M. Westcott, dau Robert.
1831, July-10, ABIGAIL; d. 1833, Jan-4.
1833, Feb-2, JOSEPH FOSTER CROSBY; d. 1837, Feb-8.
1834, May-2, AVERY PIPER; d. 1837, Feb-16.
1836, Feb-18, CALEB COOK; d. 1853, Jan-14.
1838, March-22, JOSEPH AVERY, m. 1863, Dec-8, Mary Emily Brown, dau. Samuel; d. 1880, Feb-29.
1839, Dec-29, ABIGAIL MARIA; d. 1861, Jun-5.
1844, Jun-7, NORMAN LEANDER, m. 1864, Jan-10, Rosabella Meads Crosby, dau. Wallace.
TREFRY, Capt. GEORGE K., son Capt. George, m. 1850, Nov-5, Catherine Crowell, dau. Thomas; d. 1899, Sept-24, and had:
1852, Sept-14, ABBIE ANNA, m. (1st) 1871, Oct-25, William F. Cutten, of Amherst; (2nd) Albert Staples, of Portland, Maine.
1855, Jun-12, GEORGE A.
1856, Oct-7, THOMAS CROWELL, m. Rita C. Homer, dau. Andrew W.
TREFRY, THOMAS C., son Capt. George K., m. Rita C. Homer, dau. Andrew W., and had:
Pearl Anita; d. 1896, Dec-15, aged 5 1/2 years.
WILLIAM F. CUTTEN, of Amherst, m. 1871,Oct-25, ANNIE A. TREFRY, dau Capt George K., and had:
TREFRY, SILAS C., son Capt. George 1st, m. 1869, Sept-29, Abbie (Bent) Dowley, widow John; d. 1885, Jan-8, and had:
TREFRY, ELISHA P., son Capt. George 1st, m. 1859, Dec-4, Sarah K. Hitchens, dau. Richard; d. 1895, Dec-4, and had:
1860, Nov-6, LAURA ANNIE, m. 1882, Jun-3, John P. Bruce, son Rufus.
1862, Oct-2, AUSTIN HENRY, m. 1891, Dec-23, Isabella Innis of Picton, NS.
1864, Jul-30, MARTIN JUDSON, m. 1896, Jan-4, Ada Churchill, dau Lemuel.
TREFRY, AUSTIN H., son Elisha P. m., 1891, Dec. 23. Isabella Inms of Picton, and had:
1895, May 4, ETHEL MAY.
TREFRY Capt. DELANCEY G., son Capt. George 1st. m. Rachel M. Westcott, dau Robert, and had:
1854, Feb-28, CALEB COOK, m. a German lady.
1855, Dec-22, MARY PHEDON; d. aged 2 1/2 years.
1857, Dec-18, MARIA DELANCEY, m. Joseph Crosby, son Capt. Ansel 2d.
1859, Jun-23, MARY ELIZABETH, m. 1878, Oct-28, Isaac Kenney Doane, son Harvey.
1861, Jan-19, DELANCEY WESTCOTT, m. --- Pierce.
1863, Mar-20, HENRY DICKSON.
1865, Apr-28, FOSTER CROSBY; d. aged 10 months.
1866, Nov-15, RUPERT GESNER.
1868, July, Warren Parker; d. in infancy.
1870, April 17, Occanus Shaw.
1872, Jan. 20. Rachel Westoott; d., aged 6 years.
1875. May 8, an infant; died.
TREFRY, JOSEPH A., son Capt. George, m., 1863. Dec. 8, Mary Emily Brown, dau. Samuel; d. 1880, Feb. 29, and had:
1865, July 23, ALBERT LINCOLN, m. 1892, April 22, Estellc Lou Brown, dau. George M.
I867, Apr-24, Joseph Brown, m. 1894, Oct. Lucy Burgpss, of Plymouth, Mass.
1869, Mar-17, FREDERICK RICHARDS, m., 1890, Nov. 12, Mary Trask, dau John.
1872, Jun-24, EDWARD Ernest.
1874. Aug-1, Mary Belle; d. 1897, Nov-10.
1876, Oct-14. Roy Maxwell; d. 1877, Sept-23.
1878, Apr-14, Samuel Everitt.
TREFRY,ALBERTL L., son Joseph A., m, 1892, April 23 Estelle L. Brown, dau. George M., and had:
1893, June 16, Mary Trene.
1895, July 16, Eveline Belle.
TREFRY, FREDERICK R., son Joseph A., m. 1890 Nov-12, Mary Trask, dau John, and had:
1891, Apr-28, ARTHUR LESLIE.
1893, Nov-16, RITA MAY.
1897, Apr-30, SARAH BELLE; d. 1898, Sept-3.
1898, Jun-14, MARY GERALDINE.
TREFRY, GEORGE BRADFORD, son Norman L., m., 1891, May 26, Lizzie Leona Lent, dau. James M., and had:
1893, Jan. 18, Katharine May.
1895, Oct. 3, Leona Maud.
1898, Nov. 22, James Norman.

TREFRY, WALLACE REGINALD, son Norman L., m. Helena Blanche Hope Andrews, dau. Alexander 2d, and had:
1865, June 26, Minnie Florence Elsie.
1898, March 22, Paul Walton Ewart.

DAVID RICHARDS, son John 2d, m., 1852, Jan. 8, ANNA CLEMENTS TREFRY, dau. Capt. George, and had:
ANNIE MARIA, m. William Jeffery, son Joseph.
HENRY CLIFFORD, m., 1880, Sept 9, Frances Stella Gridley, dau. Deacon William H.
Georgina; d. young.
David; d. young.
Frederick; d. young.
Edwin; d. young.

RICHARDS, DR. HENRY C., son David, m., 1880, Sept. 9, Frances Stella Gridley, dau. Deacon William H., and had:
1881, June 27, William Roy.

WILLIAM JEFFERY, son Joseph, m. ANNIE MARIA RICHARDS, dau. David, and had:
Emest; died.
Harry; died.
1890, Oct., Bradford Eugene.
Clifford; died.
1896, Edith.

TREFRY, BENJAMIN, son Capt. Joshua P. 2d, m. Deborah Hatfield, dau. CoL Job; d. 1867, Jan. 20, and had:
JOB [sic] H., m., 1846, Jan. 29, Lydia Ellen Perry, dau. Capt. Edward 1st GABRIEL, m., 1846, Dec. 8, Mary Brown, dau. Charles 2d.
Benjamin C, m. (s.p.) Eliza Frye. of Onondaga, Michigan.
George; d. unm.
STEPHEN, m. Hannah Bums, of Lyons, Michigan.
AVERY P., m. Nellie Wood, New York.

TREFRY, JON [sic] HATFBELD, son Benjamin, m., 1846, Jan. 29, Lydia Ellen Perry, dau. Capt. Edward 1st, and had:
Deborah; d., unm.
Lydia, m. William Johnson.
LOIS, m. (1st) Frederick Gill; (2d) Horace Randall.
THERESA, m. George Chappcll; d. 1891, Oct. 22.
Helen, m. Sylvester Thompson.
Annie; d., unm.
ELIZA. m. William Fink.
Mrs. Lydia E. Trefry d. 1895, March 5, aged 67.

FREDERICK GILL, of Lyons, Mien., m. LOIS TREFRY, dau. Job H., and had:
HORACE RANDAL4 of Lyons, Mich., m. LOIS (TREFRY) GILL, widow Frederick, and had:

GEORGE CHAFPELL, of Lyons, Mich., m. THERESA TREFRY, dau. Job H., and had:

WILLIAM FINK, of Lyons, Mich., m. ELIZA TREFRY, dau. Job H., and had:

TREPRY, GABRIEL, son Beniamin, m., 1846, Dec. 8, Mary Brown, dau. Charles 2d, of Argyle, and had:
1847. Dec. 6, MARY AGNES, m., 1864, Dec. 23, James Chubb, of Lyons, Mich.
1849, Sept 6, DEXTER E, m., 1873, Nov. 3. Rose Martin, of South Butt, Montana.
1851, May 28, Deborah Hatfield, m., 1870, May 10, (s.p.) E. J. Hanchett, of Juanita, Nebraska.
1852. April 15, CHARLES, m., 1879, Sept. [sic] 10, Clara Gilmorc, Seattle, Washington,
1855, March 10. ABIGAIL, m., 1873, Sept. 7, William Webber, Lyons, Mich.
1857, Feb. 13, Ella, m., 1879, Oct 17, (?.p.) S. E. Vance, Denver, Colorao.
1859, March 11, Benjamin C; d. 1862, March 10.
1861, Me, 20, BENJAMIN S.. m., 1886, Sept 8, Lucia Jacobs, Warren, Ohio.
Mrs. Mary Trefry d. 1891, Dec. 13, aged 63.

TREFRY, DEXTER E., son Gabriel, m., 1873, Nov. 3, Rose Martin, of South Butt, Montana, and had:

TREFRY, CHARLES, son Gabriel, m., 1879, Nov. [sic] 10, Clara Gilmore, of Seattle, Washington, and had:

TREFRY, BENJAMIN S., son Gabriel, m., 1886, Sept 8, Lucia Jacobs, of Warren, Ohio, and had:

JAMES CHUBB, of Lyons, Mich., m., 1864, Dec. 23, MARY AGNES TREFRY, dau. Gabriel, and had:
WILLIAM WEBBER, of Lyons, Mich., m. ABIGAIL TREFRY, dau. Gabriel, and had:

TREFRY, STEPHEN, son Benjamin, m. Hannah Burns, of Lyons, Mich., and bad:

TREFRY, AVERY P., son Benjamin, m. Ellen Wood, of New York, and had:
Mabel E.
TREFRY, WILLIAM A.. son Capt Joshua P. 2d, m., 1827, Aug. to alpha Perry, dau. Elisha; d. 1882, March 8, and had:
1829, Jan. 21, Sarah P.; d. 1849, July 15, unm.
1831, Jan. 24, WILLIAM E., m. (1st) 1854, Aug. 2, Helen Bain, dau. John 2d; (2d) 1866; July 2, Susan Chipman, dau. T. Dane; d. 1887, April 28.
1833, March 24, Alonzo; d. at Havana 1850, Oct. 28.
1835, Jan. 31, RUFUS P., m. (1st) 1856, Dec. 4, Laliah J. Alien, dau. Reuben; (2d) 1864, Oct 30, Mary E. (Raymond) Alien, widow Capt George W.
1837, March 16, Ellen Q, m. (1st) James Alien, son Reuben; (2d) William Alien, son Timothy.
1839, Feb. 11, Abigail A.; d. 1841, Nov. 29.
1841, July 3, CHARLES K., m. (1st) Charlotte A. C Hurd, youngest dau. J. H., of Wallace, N.S.; (2d) Veronica Rustemeyer.
1843, March 15, EMERY G., m. Hannah Campbell.
1846, May 13, EDGAR D., m. Julia Kitchens.
1849, May 15, FORMAN L., m. Frances A. Bridgeo, dau. Ebenezer.
1853. July 23. Alonzo; d. 1855, Aug. 3.

TREFRY, CAPT. WILLIAM E., son William A., m. (1st) 1854, Aug. 2, Helen Bain, dau. John 2d; r2d) 1866, July 2, Susan Chipman, dau. T. Dane; d. 1887, April 28, and had:
Annie B., m., 1877, Sept. 15, Augustus R. Cann, son Lyman, sr.
Margery E.; d. 1860, May 20, aged 3 years.
Alfred V.; d. 1860, May 29, aged 13 months.
Bowman C.
Children of 2d wife:
Hugh H., m. Margaret Suttie, dau. James.
Mrs. Helen Trefry d. 1864, Oct. 8, aged 30 years.
TREFRY, CAPT RUFUS P., son William A., m. (1st) 1856, Dec. 4, Laliah J. Alien, dau. Reuben; (2d) 1864, Oct 30, Mary E. (Raymond) Alien, widow Capt. George W., and had:
Children of 2d wife:
TREFRY, CHARLES K., son William A., m. (1st) (s.p.) Charlotte A. C Hurd, youngest dau. J. H., of Wallace, N.S.; (2d) Veronica Rustemeyer, and had:
Children of 2d wife:
Percival F.
Charlotte T.
James A.
Alfred W.
Mrs. Charlotte A. C. Trefry d. 1866, Nov. 16, aged 22. years.
TREFRY. EMERY G., son William A., m. Hannah Campbell, and bad:

TREFRY, EDGAR D., son William A., m. Julia Kitchens, and bad:
Elizabeth A.
William S.
Caroline C.

TREPRY, CAPT. FORMAN L., son William A., m. Frances A. Bridgeo, dau, Ebenezer, and had:
Sarah May.

EZRA CHURCHILL 2d, son Ezra, m. ELIZABETH TREFRY, dau. CapL Joshua P. 2d; lost by shipwreck, 1807, Oct. 16, and had:
1804, Nov. 1, EZRA 3d, m. (1st)
Annie Davidson, dau. Asa, of Falmouth, N.S.; (2d) Rachel Burgess
1806, July 2, Eliza, m. Benjamin Davison (sic], of Halifax.

CHURCHILL, EZRA 3d, Senator, son Ezra 2d, m. (1st) Annie Davidson, dau. Asa, of Falmouth; (2d) Rachel Burgess, and had:
Anne Eliza, m. (1st) Joshua West, and had 1 son; (2d) D. Shoft, of Toronto, and had Ella Churchill and Josephine, both married.
Joanna, m. Gideon T. Reed, of Hantsport, and had 4 sons and 2 daus.
Mary Jane, m. (1st) Capt MacKinnon; (2d) Capt. Arthur Campbell, and had Christine, Katharine and Emma; (3d) George Woodworm.
George Washington, m. (1st) Susanna Davison, dau. Robert, and had 4 sons and 5 daus.; (2d) (s.p.) Augusta Dodge.
Rhoda, m. Jedldiah E. Newcomb, and had 11 children, 6 of whom d. in infancy or childhood; d. 1900, April.
John Wiley, m. (1st) (s.p.) Emeline Burgess; (2d) Mary Messenger, and had 4 sons and 2 daus.
Cyrus Warren; d. young.
Euzabeth, m. Douglas B. Woodworth, and had 3 sons.
Regina, m. John E. Woodlaver, of Hanteport, and bad Irene and George.
Bessie, m. Judson Burpee Black, M.D., of SL Martin's, N.B., and Windsor, and had 6 sons and 4 daus.
Children of 2d wife:
William; d. young.
Joseph Reginald Earl Burgess, m. (1st) Annie Martin, of Hantsport, and had Clare and Earl, twins; (2d) Minnie Harvey, and had Rachel and Clara.
Senator Ezra Churchill is said to have been Nova Scotia's largest shipowner.
LEPTON FALKNER, of Hantsport. m. ELIZABETH (TREFRY) CHURCHILL, widow Ezra 2d, and had:
Daniel, m. (1st) Grace Shaw, dau, Benjamin 1st, of Hantsport, (2d) Hannah Beckwith; (3d) Isabel Young (4th) Widow Wickwire.
Thomas, m. Elizabeth Harvey.
Mary; d. unm.
Benjamin, m. Ehza Donnan.

CAPT. PELEG HOLMES, son Deacon Nathaniel 1st, m., 1806, Jan., MARY TREFRY , dau. Capt Joshua P. 2d; d. 1856, Dec. and had:
1806, Dec. 16, Peleg, m. Sarah Beckwith.
1808, July 30, Abigail, m. Levi Lockhart
1810, June 26, Kcndall, m. (1st) Mary Frost; (2d) Sarah Elder.
1812, July 16, Mary, m. Robert Davison.
1814, June 6, Joshua and John, twins.
Joshua m. Naomi Lockhart;
John d. in infancy.
1816. Sept. 13, Hamet Newell, m. William Barker.
1818, Sept. 12, Matilda, m. Gould Davison.
1822. July 1, James, m. Abigail Michener.
One other child died in infancy.
Capt. Peleg Holmes removed from Chebogue to Hantsport in 1821.
MARCUS RING 2d, son Marcus, m. MERCY TREFRY, dau. Capt Joshua P. 2d, and had.
1810, Abijah, m. Hannah Camey, dau. Daniel
1812, Abigail, m. Cornelius Mood; d. 1864, Feb. 26.
1814, Benjamin; d. 1836, March 10, unm.
Rebecca, m. Henry Seeley.
1821, Jane. m. (1st) 1843, Feb. 7. Nelson Cook, son Capt. John 1st;
(2d) 1856, May 8, Jacob Potter, son Rev. Israel; d. 1900, Sept 16.
Marcus, m. Zilpha Robbins, dau. Rufus N.
Jacob, m. Mary Robbins, dau. Rufus N.

ELISHA HOLMES, son Deacon Nathaniel 1st, m.. 1811, Apnl 4. LYDIA TREFRY, dau. Capt. Joshua P. 2d; d. 1870, and had:
1812. Jan. 7, Samuel; d. young
1813. Jan. 7, Lydia, m. James Frizzle.
1814. Sept 16, George, d, young.
1816, Mav 16, Elizabeth Mary, m. James Nun,
1818, March 13, George, m. Mercy Micbcner.
1820. Feb. 8, Elisha, m. (1st) Sarah Anne Frost; (2d) Matilda Lynch; (3d) Adeline Bill
1821. Nov. 23, John Whitman, m. (1st) Sarah R. Bailey, dau. Joseph; (2d) Grace Anne (Holmes) Trefry, widow Joseph Nelson.
1824, June 5, William, m. (Ist) Matilda Loomer; (2d) Jane Fielding.
1826, Sept 10, Ruth Hannah, m. James Shields.
1828, Feb. 15, Mercy Anne, m. Asa
1830, April 10. Abigail, m. (1st) Daniel Dimock; (2d) Edward Davison.
1832, May 20, Harris Harding,
1834, Nov. 14, Matilda.
1838, Nov. 10. Joshua, m. Emma Fox.
Elisha Holmes removed from Chebogue to Hantsport c. 1823.
JOHN C WYMAN, son James 1st, m. SARAH TREFRY, dau. Capt Joshua P. 2d; d. 1868, Jan. 7, and had:
1814 Sarah, m. (1st) Loran Nickerson; (2d) 1849, Jan. 25, Christopher Blackader; d. 1892, March 29.
1817, April 2, Emeline, m., 1840, Jan. 18, Capt Gilbert Alien, son Capt Thomas 1st.
1819, June 27, Matilda, m., 1841, Robert Sadleir.
1821, July 18. John C 2d, m., 1845, Jan. 7, Almira Saunders, dau. Richard.
1823, Jan. 25, James Weltesley, m. (1st) 1845, Dec. 4, Lydia Anne Landers, dau. Thomas 1st; (2d) 1848, Nov. 15, Caroline Baker, dau. Jonathan 3d; (3d) 1860, June 21, Elizabeth Augusta Power, dau. Capt Nathaniel; d. 1900, Sept 11.
1825, June, Azubah Anne, m. ? Miller.
1828, March 4, George; d. at St. Thomas, 1850, Oct. 1, unm.
1832, June 7, Elizabeth M.; d. unm.
1835, June 4, Hannah, m. George W. Riddle.
1839, Nov. 18, Margaret; d. 1866, Sept 12, unm.

CAPT. JAMES RATHBURN, of Horton, N.S., m. MATILDA TREFRY, dau. Capt Joshua P. 2d, and had:
Lavinia, m. Capt Ebenezer Curry, of Horton, N.S., and had 2 sons, Albert and Foster.
Rachel M., m. Edwin Dickerson, and had 2 children.
Charles, m. (1st ) Harriet Phinney; (2d) Susan Munro.

CAPT. WILLIAM CLEMENTS 3d, son Capt Elkanah 1st, m. THOMASINE TREFRY, dau. Capt Joshua P. 2d; d. 1858, July 7, and had:
Kelley; d. unm.
Deborah, m., 1844, April 17, Capt Jacob Crosby, son Capt Nathan.
Mary, m., 1846, Oct 8, Stephen Hilton, son Capt Stephen.
George W. (Capt.), m. (1st) Sarah M. Holmes, dau. Capt Kendall, Hantsport; (2d) 1860, April 17, Martha Ellen Dickie, of Comwallis.
Lucy; d. 1854, Jan. 14, aged 18, unm.
William (Capt), m., 1857, Feb. 6, Sarah E. Robertson, dau. William of Windsor.
Alice T., m. William H. Robertson, Halifax.

SAMUEL COALDWELL, of Kings Co., m. HANNAH TREFRY, dau. Capt Joshua P. 2d, and had:
Hannah, m. ? Fuller, of Hantsport Joshua, settled in Buffalo, N.Y.
Samuel, went abroad and was not heard of afterward.
And three other children d. young.
In the record of the family of Capt Joshua Pitman Trefry 2d the name of Hannah, his youngest child, was inadvertently omitted. Her dau., Hannah Fuller, and her husband were both living in Brooklyn, N.Y., a few years ago, and about three years ago Joshua, after an absence of many years, visited Yarmouth.

TREFRY, CAPT. JAMES 1st, son Capt John 1st, m., 1793, Jan. 3, Elizabeth Alien, dau. Capt John 1st; d. 1844, Dec. 23, and had:
1794, Aug. 6, JAMES ALLEN, m. Lucy Scott, dau. John 1st; d. 1869, Dec. 16.
1796, Sept 12, Jane, m. David Saxon, St Mary's Bay.
1800, March 21, Elizabeth, m. (1st) Edward Baker 2d, son Edward; (2d) 1842, July 21, Daniel Wier, Windsor Road.
1802, Dec. 12, MARK. m. Eliza Ann Baker, dau. Jonathan 2d. 1805, May 28. HAYDEN, m. (1st) Sarah Man", St Mary's Bay; (2d) Mary Thomas, of Bloomfield, Digby Co.
1807, Nov. 20, PRISCILLA. m. Capt Horace Baker 2d, son Samuel 2d.
Mary Anne, m., 1834, Feb. 26, Abiel Seeley, of Plymouth.
ZILPHA, m. William Alien, son Capt Thomas 1st.
ANNIS, m., 1838, Feb. 21, Lufkin Hilton, son Samuel 1st
ABRAHAM, m., 1842, Oct 6, Abigail Baker, dau. Nathan; d. 1885, Dec. 1.

TREFRY, CAPT. JAMES ALLEN, son James 1st, m. Lucy Scott, dau. John 1st; d. 1869, Dec. 16, and had:
1818, Nov. 24, ALMIRA, m., 1840, Jan. 16, Samuel Hilton 2d, son Samuel; d. 1891, June 27.
1820, Aug. 11, Jonathan Scott; lost in brigt Scott (mate), 1836, Nov. 1.
1822, May 22, CAROLINE, m., 1844, Jan. 23, Amos Hilton, son Samuel 1st
1823, Dec. 2, Ebenezer (Capt), m. (1st) 1849, May 14, Maiy Anne Young; (2d) 1862, EHza Anne Ward; d. 1880, May.
1825, June 12, James Alien, m., 1852, Elizabeth Marston, of California.
1827, Dec. 9, Amos Caleb; lost in brig Milton 1848, Dec., unm.
1829, Aug. 29, William Henry; lost in brigt Scott, 1843, March.
1831. April 27, HAYDEN (Capt), m., 1857, June 14, Julia A. Haley, dau. Alexander; lost in brigt Napier, 1864, March.
1833, Nov. 29. LUCY SCOTT, m.. 1858, Dec. 16, Capt John MacKinnon, son Capt. Robert 2d.
1836, March 14, Jeremiah; d. 1852.
1838, Feb. 16, Ruth Hilton, m., 1857, July 13, Wilson Cook, son Amos; d. i860, Oct. 5.

TREFRY, CAPT. HAYDEN 2d, son Capt James A., m., 1857, June 14, Julia A. Haley, dau. Alexander; lost in brigt Napier, 1864, March, and had:
Clarence (Capt), m. Minnie Cook, dau. Capt Joseph.

SAMUEL HILTON 2d, son Samuel, m., 1840, Jan. 16, ALMIRA TREFRY, dau. Capt James Alien; d. 1899, Feb. 11, and had:
Samuel F., m., 1873, April 13, Emily Hannah Crosby, dau. Reuben 1st
William, m. Adelia Delaney, dau. William 1st
Edward, m. Phoebe King.
Annie; d. unm.
Hannah, m. (1st) Nehemiah Cain, son Capt. Seth B. 2d; (2d) Edgar Robbins.
James, m. Annie Alien.
Mary, m. Capt Nelson MacKinnon, son Capt Robert 3d.
Charles, m. Ella MacWilliams.
Julia, m. Robert Lorrey.
Lucy, m. Enoch Titus.
Ebenezer; d. young.

AMOS HILTON, son Samuel 1st, m., 1839, CAROLINE TREFRY, dau. Capt James A.; d. 1881, March, and had:
Amos Q, m. Miriam Crosby, dau. Ebenezer.
Rebecca, m. William Alien.
Lucy Anne, m. Benjamin Killam.
Margaret, m. Charles Winter, son Thomas 1st
Jacob, m. Agnes Clements, dau. James.
Jeremiah, m. Sarah E. Eldridge.
Hannah R., m. Nehemiah 0. [C.?] Wyman, son Nehemiah; d. 1890, Oct 25.
Bertha, m. William Alien.
Martha; d. young.
Ebenezer; d. in infancy.
Ebenezer H., m. Susan Slate, Shelbume.
Robert Budd; d. young.
Grace Ring; d. young.

CAPT. JOHN MAC KINNON, son Capt Robert 2d, m., 1858, Dec. 16, LUCY SCOTT TREFRY, dau. Capt James A.; drowned 1897, Nov. 23, and had:
1862. Arthur Wesley (Capt), m., 1889, May 1, Lizzie Churchill, dau. Zaccheus 2d.
1863. Norman Scott (Capt), m., 1896, Dec. 1, Julia Patterson, dau. Samuel, of Barbados.
1865, Lizzie E.
1868, Josephine, m., 1897, Dec. 22, Ralph D. Killam, son James W.
1870. Adelbert Leslie (Capt), m., 1899, Nov. 9, Sabra Blanche Cook, dau. Albert
1871. Ella Almira, m., 1893, Oct 4, John B. Harty, ofP.E. Island.
1874, John Edgar (Capt)
1876, Loran James.

TREFRY, MARK, son James 1st, m. Eliza Anne Baker, dau. Jonathan 2d; d. 1884, Feb. 22, and had:
1829, Aug. 8, GEORGE R, m., 1856, Jan. 19, Ziipha Dennis, dau. Hcman 1st
1831, July 23, ELIZABETH HANNAH, m.. 1855, Feb. 8, Capt William H. Cook, son Capt Francis 1st
1833, Sept 30, Eleanor Jane, m. Alfred MacNeil, son John S.
1835. Nov. 4, Annis Margaret, m., 1861, Dec. 2, David Eldndgc 2d, son David.
1836. Sept 10, Mark; killed by the bursting of a cannon, 1860, Aug. 8.
1837, June 12, LEMAN, m., 1863, Oct. 19, Matilda E. Weston, dau. William.
1842, March 5, Warren; drowned at sea, 1862, Feb.
1845. Jan. 4, NATHAN C, m. Lizzie Scott, dau. John.
1847, May 9, Eliza Anne; d. 1848, Aug. 23.
Elizabeth Matilda (adopted); d. 1864, Oct. 8, aged 11 years.

TREFRY, GEORGE B., son Mark, m., 1856, Jan. 19, Zilpha Dennis, dau. Heman 1st, and had:
Eliza; d. unm.
George, m. Mary Blake.
Lillie, m. George Wilcox.
Melvin, m. Henrietta Hillier.

TREFRY, LEMAN, son Mark, m., 1863, Oct. 19, Matilda E. Weston, dau. William, and had:
Leman, m. Clara Cain, dau. Thomas.
Eudora, m. Joseph Robbing, son Benjamin C.

TREFRY, NATHAN C, son Mark, m. Lizzie Scott, dau. John, and had:

CAPT. WILLIAM H. COOK, son Capt. Francis 1st, m., 1855, Peh. 8, ELIZABETH H. TREFRY, dau. Mark; d. 1899, May 14. and had:
Ina May; d. 1856, Oct. 5, aged 8 months.
William A. (Capt.), m. Emma Kelley, dau. James; d. from ship Euphemia at tele of Banka, 1895, Nov. 11, aged 38 years.

TREFRY, CAPT. HAYDEN, son James 1st, m. (1st) Sarah Marr, St. Mary's Bay; (2d) Mary Thomas, of Bloomfield, Digby Co., and had:
1836, Satira, m. John V. Thomas, of Bloomfield, Digby Co.
1840, Edward, m. EUxanna Grant, of Gloucester, Mass.
1844, Hayden, lives at Brighton, Digby Co.
1848, David, m. Nellie Smith, of San Francisco; d. in California, 1896.
Children of 2d wife:
1852, Rose Althea, m. Simeon Barr, of Gloucester, Mass.
1858. James, m. Lucy Specht, of Barton, Dibgy Co.
1859. Adelbert, m. Frances Milbury, of Plympton, Digby Co.
CapL Hayden Trefry removed to Brighton, Digby Co., in 1845.
Mrs. Sarah Trefry d. at Brighton, 1850, March 11, aged 35.
Mrs. Mary Trefry d. at Brighton, 1887, March 24, aged 61.
TREFRY, ABRAHAM, son James 1st, m., 1842, Oct 6, Abigail Baker, dau. Nathan; d. 1885, Dec. 11, and had:
1847, Albert, m. Charlotte Taylor; of Smith's Cove, Dibgy Co.
1850, Henry, m. Emma Grafton, of Brighton.
Abraham Trefry removed from Chebogue to Bloomfield, Digby Co., in 1849.
CAPT. HORACE BAKER 2d, son Samuel 2d, m. PRISCILLA TREFRY, dau. James 1st; d. 1892, Jan. 24, and had:
1829, Horace 3d, (CapL), m. Frances Briggs; d. 1894, Jan. 27.
1831, Jane, m. Wilmot Vivian, Swampscott, Mass.
1833, Jan. 29, Maria, m., 1853, Dec. 15, David Gowen 2d, son David.
Margery, m. Jefferson Q Killam, son James M. 1st
Lydia, m. Norman J. MacKinnon, son Reuben.
Priscilla, not married.
Mercy M., m. Stephen Hinton, of Pennsylvania.
Martha M., m. Leander Huestis, son James E.
James, m., 1876, Tryphena C Cann, dau. Capt Samuel 2d.

LUFKIN HILTON, son Samuel 1st, m., 1838, Feb. 21, ANNIS TREFRY, dau. James 1st; d. 1891, June 7, and had:
Elizabeth, m. Capt Charles Dunham, St Mary's Bay.
Lavinia, m. ? Sabine.
Mrs. Annis Hilton is still living at Barton, Digby Co., and her sister, Mrs. MaryAnnc Seeley, is living at Brighton, Digby Co.
WILLIAM A. ALLEN, son Capt Thomas 1st, m. ZILPHA TREFRY, dau. James 1st, and had:
1835. Nov. 15, Satira; d. 1835, Dec. 2.
1836. Nov. 4, Anna Hannah; d. 1837, April 14.
1839, Nov. 13, Wentworth, m., 1865, Sept. 15, Almira Gavel, of Digby Co.
1841, Oct 14, William Cole; d. 1847, Aug. 17.
1843, Oct. 7, Abraham Trcfry, m. in U.S.; d. 1872, Nov. 13.
1847. April 16, Charles Edgar; d. 1857, Aug. 24.
1848. May 22, Fred. Berkeley, m. (1st) Sophia Baker, dau. Ebenezer, (2d) 1899, Nov. 15, Margaret E. (Alien) Stephens, widow William Alfred, of Brighton, Mass., and dau. of Capt Gideon Alien, of Little River.
1851, Sept 11, William Cole, m. (1st) Rebecca Hilton, dau. Amos; (2d) 1883, July 3, Bertha Caroline Hilton, dau. Amos.
1854, Feb. 9, Zilpha Anne, m. James Hilton, son Samuel 2d.

TREFRY, CAPT. JOHN 2d, son John 1st, m., 1788, April 8, Sarah Scott, dau. Moses, and had:
1795, Aug.27, JOHN 3d (Capt), m., Abigail Holmes, dau. Dea. NathanieL
1798, Jan. 17, DAVID, m. (1st) ? Coleman, dau. Enoch, of Ireland; (2d) Elizabeth Ellis, dau. Capt Samuel 1st; d. at Wbodstock, 1866.
1800, Sarah; d. in infancy.
1802, March 8, Sarah Maria, m. (probably) Jonathan Baker 4th, son Capt Jonathan 2d.
1804, Sept 13, ELIZABETH, m. William Curry.

TREFRY, CAPT. JOHN 3d, son Capt John 2d, m. Abigail Holmes, dau. Dea. Nathaniel, and had:
Joseph Nelson, m., 1846, June 13, Grace Anne Holmes, dau. Capt Peleg, of Hantsport, and had 2 children who d. young.
Lydia, m. Stephen S. Robbins, son John.
It is said that Capt John TrejBry 3d removed "up the bay," but no one seems to know where he went or what other children he had.
TREFRY, DAVID, son Capt. John 2d, m. (1st) ? Colewell [sic], dau. Enoch, of Ireland; (2d) Euzabeth Ellis, dau. Capt Samuel 1st; d. at Woodstock, Yarmouth Co., 1866, and had:
John; lost at sea.
A child, d. in infancy.
Children of 2d wife:
1826, Dec. 10, GEORGE WASHINGTON, m. (1st) Eliza Stevcns; (2d) Martha Stevens, sisters, of Truro, N.S.; d. 1894, April.
1828, June 9, LYDIA ANNE, m. Warren Adams.
1831, July 31, DAVID, m. Huldah M. Hall, dau. Richard; d. 1895, Nov. 17.
1834, March 28, WILLIAM EDWARD, m. Johanna Pierce; lost on the Banks c. 1861.
1836, July 16, SARAH ELIZABETH, m. (1st) Nathaniel Butler; (2d) Thomas Watson; (3d) Frank Trask.
1840, Feb. 5, MARY JANE. m. (1st) William Lufkin; (2d) Norman Storey; (3d) William SnelL
1842. June 5, Margaret Chase, m. (1st) John Parsons; (2d) ? Casson; d. 1883, Nov. 12.
1843. Sept 30, Deborah, m. William Snell; d. 1870, Oct 2
1847, July 25, Jonathan Scott; d. 1859.

TREFRY, GEORGE W., son David, m. (1st) Eliza Stevens; (2d) Martha Stevens, sisters, of Truro, N.S.; d. 1894. April, and had:
A son, d. in infancy.
Children of 2d wife:
1859. Sept 4, Georgiana, m. John Neal, of Royalston, Mass., and d.s.p.
1860. Feb., EDWARD EVERETT, m. Margaret Leary, ofAndover, Mass.
1868, Jessie; d. in infancy.
1870, Elizabeth Ellis, m. Harry Paige, of New Salem, Mass.

TREFRY, EDWARD EVERETT, son George W., m. Margaret Leary, of Andover, Mass., and had:
1890, March 1, George EveretL
1893, Jan. 12, Cathanne Lillian.
1895, July 21, Harold Arthur, d. 1897, Oct. 21.
1897, Jan. 17, Annie Dorothy.

TREFRY, DAVID 2d, son David, m. Huldah M. Hall, dau. Richard; d. 1895. Nov. 17, and had:
1853, July 4, Charles Randolph; d. 1859, April 28.
1858, March 8, Faustina Baxter.

TREFRY, WILLIAM EDWARD, son David 1st, m. Johanna Pierce, and had:
1856, June, Nellie Frances.
1858, March, Mary Elizabeth.
About 1860, Grace.

WARREN ADAMS, of Wenham, Mass., m. LYDIA ANNE TREFRY, dau. David 1st, and had:
1852, George.
1856, March 16, Lydia Esther, m. George Hubbard.
1859, Victoria Adelaide; d. 1891, May 31.
Nelson, m. abroad, lady's name not known.
Sarah, m. George Putnam, of Danvers, Mass., and had 8 children.
Wilmont; d. while studying for the ministry, unm.

Thomas Watson; d. in infancy.
WILLIAM LUFKIN m. MARY JANE TREFRY, dau. David 1st. and had:
1861, Nov. 16, Mary L., m. William Lee, of Beveriy.Mass., and had 3 sons. Warren, Howard and Harold.
NORMAN STOREY m. MARY JANE (TREFRY) LUFKIN, widow William, and had:
1865, Feb. 25, Caroline A., m. Herbert Howard, of Bcverly, and had two children, Carl and Mildred.
WILLIAM SNELL. m. (1st) DEBORAH TREPRY, dau. David 1st; C2d) MARY JANE (TREFRY) STOREY, widow Norman, and had:
Harriet, m. George Pitts, of Beverly.
1864, William; d. 1879.
Arthur, m. Jennie Cross, of Beveriy.
1869, Albert; d. 1873.
Child of 2d wife;
1874, Jan. 7, Edward, m. and has 2 children Annie and an infant (s.n.).

WILLIAM CURRY m. ELIZABETH TREFRY, dau. Capt. John 2d; lost in brig Billow, 1831, April, and had:
Elizabeth, m. ? Shehan, in U.S.
A dau., fatally burned in childhood.
CAPT. ROBERTMAC KINNON 1st, son Lieut John, of the Montgomery Highlanders, m., 1788, Nov. 11, MARY TREFRY, dau. John 1st; d. in Jamaica, 1803, Nov. 11. and had;
1791, May 21, ROBERT 2d, (Capt), m. Hannah Robinson, dau. Reuben: d. 1878, Sept. 3.
1793, Feb. 6, Elizabeth, m. (1st) ? Barrows; (2d) Samuel Vickery, son Moses, (s.p.)
1797, Feb. 25, John, went abroad; was in London when last heard from.
1799, May 28, MARY, m. Robert Westcott, son Henry, of Digby Neck.
1801, June 24, SARAH, m. (1st) William Curry; (2d) John Huriburt 1st, son Titus 1st

CAPT. ROBERT MAC KINNON 2d,son Capt Robert 1st, m. Hannah Robinson, dau. Reuben; d. 1878, Sept 3, and had:
1814, Nov. 3, Robert, (CapL), m. Rhoda Crowell, dau. Edward; lost at sea, 1862, Feb. 1816, Oct. 24, Reuben. m. (1st) 1843, Sept 20, Sapphira Tinkham, dau. Edward 3d; (2d) 1890, May 10, Esther Kenney, of Cape Sable Island; d. 1893, June 4.
1819, April 24, William Ranald, (Capt.), m. Hannah Mood, dau. Jacob; d. 1876, Nov. 12.
1821, Oct. 16, Almira, m., 1846, Nov. 22, Richard Durkee, son Pearl; d. 1870, Feb. 22.
1823, June 19, Hiram; lost overboard in bark Acadian, St. John for Greenock, 1849, Sept 21.
1826, Sept. 19, Loran; drowned by swamping of boat off Chebogue Point, 1845, Aug. 28.
1829, March 1, Caroline, m., 1848, Jan. 8, Stephen Hersey, son John; d. 1896, Feb. 11.
1831. April 20, Norman James; drowned with Loran, 1845. Aug. 28.
1833, Nov. 12, Sarah Jane; d. 1858, Oct. 15, unm.
1835, Oct 22, John. (Capt.), m., 1858, Dec. 16, Lucy Scott Trefry, dau. CapL James A.; drowned 1897, Nov. 23.
Mrs. Hannah MacKinnon, senr., d. 1891, March 13, in her 96th year.
ROBERT WESTCOTT, son Henry, m. MARY MAC KINNON, dau. Capt Robert 1st, and had:
Rachel M., m. Capt Delancey G. Trefry, son CapL George 1st
1840, John E., m., 1864, Nov. 14, Frances G. Lawrence, Truro; d. 1864, Nov. 26; a brief honeymoon.
WILLIAM CURRY m. SARAH MACKINNON. dau. CapL Robert 1st; lost in brig Billow, 1831, April, and had:
William Norman, m. (1st) Sarah Huriburt, dau. John W.; (2d) Hannah Delaney, dau. Henry.
Mary Alice, m. John R. Wetmorc, son Joseph C.
JOHN HURLBURT 1st, son Titus 1st, m. SARAH (MAC KINNON) CURRY, widow William, and had:
Gideon, m. (1st) Mary Hurlburt, dau. George; (2d) Martha HuriburL dau. George.
Zilpha Anne. m. William White, son David.
TREFRY, THOMAS 1st, son Capt Joshua Pitman 1st, m. Martha Alien, and had:
1802, Nov. 25. MARTHA, m. (1st) Thomas Bartlett, son Lemuel; (2d) Stephen Nichols, of Digby.
1805, 6cL 18, THOMAS 2d, m. Maria Everett, of Plympton, Digby Co.
1809, Aug. 9, FREEMAN, m. Keziah Marr, of SL Mary's Bay.
1811, Jan. 5, Eliza, m. Daniel Marr, and removed to Ontario.
1814, July 12, ZILPHA, m. Dennison Harvey, of Newport, Hants Co.
1818, June 9. JANE and SOPHIA, twins. Jane m. (1st) Heber Sweet, of Newport, Hants Co.; (2d) - -; (3d) ? Miller. Sophia m. Jenkins Marr, of SL Mary's Bay.
1821, Nov. 11, JOSHUA PITMAN, m. (1st) Augusta Dennison, of Canning, Kings Co.; (2d) Jane Harvey, of Newport, Hants Co.
Thomas Trcfry 1st removed with his family from Chebogue to St. Mary's Bay in 1812.
TREFRY, THOMAS 2d, son Thomas, m. Maria Everett, of Plympton, and had:
Clarissa, m. James Wamer, Plympton.
Charlotte, married William PowelL
Jeremiah; d. unm.
Mary Eliza.
Jane; d. unm.
Cecilia; d. unm.

TREFRY, FREEMAN, son Thomas 1st, m. Kcziah Marr, ofSt Mary's Bay, and had:
Charles Thomas, m. (s.p.), Sarah Leadbetter.
EMILY JANE, m., 1855, Oct. 2, Nicholas Morchouse, of Sandy Cove.
ALTHEA ELIZABETH, m. 1856, Sept 2, Capt Jones Morehouse, of Sandy Cove.
1842, April 25, EUNICE ELLEN, m., 1864, Dec. 22, William H. Haines.
Charlotte 0., m. Dr. J. F. Pineo, of Wolfville.
FREEMAN H., m., 1882, March 25, Anna D. Gillis, of Springfield, N.B.
Sarah Marr; d. aged 14.
TREFRY, FREEMAN H., son Freeman, m., 1882, March 25, Anna D. Gillis, of Springfield, N.B., and had:
Guive S.
NICHOLAS MOREHOUSE, Sandy Cove, m., 1855, Oct. 2, EMILY JANE TREFRY, dau. Freeman, and had:
AMELIA K., m., 1877, Nov. 29, Capt Lloyd Morton, Digby.
BERTHA E., m., 1897, July 12, Rev. J. A. Smith.
Charlotte G.
CAPT. LLOYD MORTON, Digby, m., 1877. Nov. 29, AMELIA K. MOREHOUSE, dau. Nicholas, and had:
1882, Sept. 19, Adriadne J.
REV. J. A. SMITH m., 1897, July 12, Bertha E. Morehouse, dau. Nicholas, and had:
1900, Jan. 14, Freda G. M.
CAPT. JONES MOREHOUSE, Sandy Cove, m., 1856, Sept 2, ALTHEA ELIZABETH TREFRY, dau. Freeman, and had:
JONES ALMON, m., 1886, Nov. 10, Charlotte S. Durland, of Brighton.
SARAH M., m.. 1895, Aug. 1, Capt. Adelbert MacKay, of Brighton.
JONES ALMON MOREHOUSE, son Capt Jones, m., 1886, Nov. 10, Charlotte S. Durland, of Brighton, and had;
1898, Nov. 7, Norma H.
CAPT. ADELBERT MAC KAY, Brighton, m., 1895, Aug. 1, SARAH. M. MOREHOUSE, dau. Capt Jones, and had:
1896, May 18, Grace G.
1900, Jan. 18, Daniel Clifford.
WILLIAM H. HAINES m., 1864, Dec. 22, EUNICE ELLEN TREFRY, dau. Freeman, and had:
Clarence H., m., 1892, Feb. 22, Emily Maud Williams, of Mansfield, Mass., and have Clarence E.
Ormond T., m., 1892, Dec. 21, Louisa A. Keens, of Granville, N.S., and have Charlotte E., Willard 0., Juanita H., and Earie E. M.
Charlotte E., m., 1897, June 19, Capt J. E. Roop, Digby.
Ralph E., livmg in Penn., unm.
Edward E., a seafarer, unm.
TREFRY, JOSHUA PITMAN, son Thomas 1st, m. (1st) Augusta Dennison, of Canning, kings Co.; (2d) (s.p.) Jane Harvey, of Newport, Hants Co., and had:
Child of 1st wife:
Starratt, living in Boston.
THOMAS BARTLETT, son Lemuel, m. MARTHA TREFRY, dau. Thomas 1st, and had:
Thomas, m. Jane Spittell.
STEPHEN NICHOLS, Digby. m. MARTHA (TREFRY) BARTLETT, widow Thomas, and had:
Elizabeth, m. Joshua Reid, Digby Neck.
John, m. Jane Berry, of Bear River.
Martha, m. William Prime, of New Tusket
George, m. Esther Smith, of New Tusket
Charles, m. Hannah Grafton, Brighton.
William, m. Martha Denton, of Digby Neck.
Henry, m. Zilpha Neily, of Bridgetown.

DENNISON HARVEY, Newport, m. ZILPHA TREPRY, dau. Thomas 1st, and had:
Thomas Freeman, living at Ellershouse.
Delancey, living at Ellershouse.
Mary, m. Albert Nichols, Digby.
Roxanna; d. young.
Norman, living in N.Y.
Samuel, living in Newport, Hants Co.
Mark, living in Newport, Hants Co.

JENKINS MARR, St Mary's Bay, m. SOPHIA TREFRY, dau. Thomas 1st, and had:
Rachel, m. Edward Spittell, Bloomfield.
Sarah Jane, not married.
Charles, m. Hannah Thomas.

HEBER SWEET, Newport, m. JANE TREPRY, dau. Thomas 1st, and had:
Thomas; d. unm.

TREFRY, BENJAMIN 1st, son Capt Joshua Pitman 1st, m. Rebecca Trask, dau. Thomas 1st, and had:
1806, OcL 5, REBECCA, m. Benjamin Shaw, of Lockhartville, Hants Co.
1808, Nov. 8, MARY, m. William Bacon, ofArdoise, Hants Co.
1810, Dec. 21, Melinda, m. ? Mumford, of Newport, Hants Co.; had one child and died.
1812, Dec. 21, HANNAH, m. Capt Joseph Lockhart, of Hantsport, Hants Co.
1814, Nov. 12, SOPHIA, m. Oliver Lockhart, of Lockhartville, Hants Co.
1818, July 26. MARK, m. Olivia Kcllcy, of Burlington, Hants Co,
1820, Sept. 20, JOSHUA PITMAN, m. Amelia Fielding, of Hantsport, Hants Co.
1822, Nov. 3, LAVINIA. m. Capt Freeman MacKenzie, of Hantsport.
1824, Aug. 20, ABIGAIL m. John Coffin, of Hantsport.
1828, Sept 2, THOMAS ELKANAH TRASK, m. Elizabeth Earl, of Hantsport.
Mrs. Abigail Coffin is (1901, April) the only survivor of the children of Benjamin and Rebecca Trefry.
TREFRY, MARK, son Benjamin 1st, m. Olivia Kelley, of Burlington, Hants Co., and had:
MELINDA, m. Morton Ward, of Boston, Mass., and had 5 children.
JANE, m. George Turner, of U.S., and had 6 children.
CELESTE, m. CapL Jacob Sanford, of Somerville, Hants Co.
ANNIE, m. Thomas Armstrong, of Boston, Mass.
MARIETTA, m. James Masters, of Somerville, Hants Co.
GEORGE, m. Esther Brison, of Burlington, Hants Co.
JOHN, m. Bertha Gilmore, of Parrsboro, Cumberland Co.
TRUMAN, m. Amy Lipman, of Hantsport.
HIBBERT, m. Alice Burgess, of Burlington, Hants Co.

TREFRY, JOSHUA PITMAN, son Benjamin 1st, m. Amelia Fielding, of Hantsport, and had:
LeMarchant, m. ? Welch, of Avonport, Kings Co.; had 4 children.
Silas (Capt), m. Emma Lawrence, of Hantsport; had 2 children.
Walter; d. unm.
MARECHAL m. Winifred Porter, of Boston, Mass.
Rebecca, m. Robert Walker, of Boston, Mass.; had 2 children.
Amelia, m. Morton Greene, of Oakland, California; had 1 child.
George; d. in infancy.
Letta; d. in infancy.
CapL Silas Trefry, his wife Emma, and two children were lost at sea in the American ship Edwin Reid.
TREFRY, CAPT. THOMAS E. TRASK, son Benjamin 1st, m. Elizabeth Earl, of Hantsport, and had:
THOMAS A., m. Annie MacDonald, dau. John.
BENJAMIN K. (Capt.), m. Ada A. Harvie.
Alfred E., m. (s.p.) Lilla Fullerton; drowned 1887, Nov. 17.
CHARLES E., m. Flora Dalton.
GEORGINA E., m. Capt. DeWiIton Holmes, son James.
Ella H.; d. young.

TREFRY. THOMAS A., son Capt Thomas E. T., m. Annie MacDonald, dau. John, and had:
Ella; d. aged 11 months.

TREFRY, CAPT. BENJAMIN K., son Capt Thomas E. T., m. Ada A. Harvie, and had:
Etta May
TREFRY, CAPT. CHARLES E., son Capt Thomas E. T., m. Flora Dalton, and had:
Lucy Elizabeth; d. aged 4 years.
Alfred Cedric; d. aged 6 weeks.
Freda Earl; d. aged 14 months.

CAPT. DE WILTON HOLMES, son James, m. GEORGINA E. TREFRY, dau. Capt Thomas E. T., and had:

TREFRY, GEORGE, son Mark, of Benjamin, m. Esther Brison, of Burlington, Hants, and had:

TREFRY, JOHN, son Mark, m. Bertha Gilmore, ofPansboro, Cumberland Co., and had:

TREFRY, TRUMAN, son Mark, m. Amy Upman, of Hantsport, and had:
Bessie May.
TREFRY, HIBBERT, son Mark, m. of Burlington, Alice Burge Hants, and had:
Mark Frederick.

MORTON WARD, of Boston, m. MELINDA TREFRY, dau. Mark and had:
And 4 other children.
GEORGE TURNER, of U.S., m. JANE TREFRY, dau. Mark, and had:
And 2 other children.
CAPT. JACOB SANFORD, of Somerville, Hants, m. CELESTE TREFRY, dau. Mark, and had:
Harris; d. in South America, unm.
Bessie, m. ? Ford, of N.Y.
Olivia, m. Capt Weldon; have 2 children.
Annie M., m., 1900, Oct 29, William H. Marshall, of Bear River, d. at Hebron, Yarmouth, 1901, March 31.
THOMAS ARMSTRONG, of Boston, m. ANNIE TREFRY, dau. Mark, and had:

JAMES MASTERS, of Somerville, Hants, m. MARIETTA TREFRY, dau. Mark, and had: EtheL
Eva, m. Handley Loomer, of Falmouth, N.S.
TREFRY, MARECHAL, son Joshua P., of Benjamin 1st, m. Winifred Porter, of Boston, Mass., and had:
BENJAMIN SHAW, Lockhartville, Hants Co., m. REBECCA TREFRY, dau. Benjamin 1st, and had:
BENJAMIN, m. Rebecca Smith
Stephen, m. Jane Brown; has 2 children in California.
Elkanah, m. Lydia Minn.
MARK, m. (ist) Emeline Lockhart, and had 2 children; (2d) Sarah Wood; (3d) Hephzibah Church.
GRACE, m. Daniel Falkner, son Lepton.
Melinda; d. young, unm.
Mark Shaw is a ship chandler, of 67 Pearl street. New York, and is the only survivor of the children of Benjamin and Rebecca Shaw, Senr.
BENJAMIN SHAW, Jr., son Benjamin, m. Rebecca Smith, and had:
Edward, m. Ida Woolavcr; had 7 children.
Grace, m. (s.p.) CapL Harding Porter.
Benjamin, m. Mary Porter; had 4 children.
Esther, not married.
Johnson, m. (s.p.)
Elkanah, m., and had 1 child.
Joseph, m. (s.p.)
Mark, m. Anna Hutcheon; had 2 children.
Lament, m., and had 3 children.
DANIEL FALKNER, son Lepton, m. (1st) GRACE SHAW, dau. Benjamin, Senr.; (2d) Hannah Beckwith; (3d) Isabel Yound; (4th) Widow Wickwire, and died.
Children of 1st wife:
Delancey (Capt), m. Sophia MacKenzie, dau. Capt Freeman; had 3 children.
Rebecca, m. in California.
WILLIAM BACON, of Ardoise, Hants, m. MARY TREFRY, dau. Benjamin 1st, and had:
Melinda, m. James Higgins, and had 4 children.
Mary Anne, m. (s.p.) ? Starratt.
Isabel, not married.
Eliza, not married.
Rachel, m, (s.p.) James Fox.
Robert, not married.
Charles, not married.
CAPT. JOSEPH LOCKHART, Hantsport, m. HANNAH TREFRY, dau. Bemamin 1st, and had:
RACHEL, m. CapL Albert Davison, son Robert.
Melinda, m. Harry Harding, and lives in Ohio.
Grace, m. James Chipman, of Canning, Kings Co.
Albert, m. in Ohio.
CAPT. ALBERT DAVISON, son Robert, m. RACHEL LOCKHART, dau. Capt Joseph, and had:
Learchus, m. Minnie Card; had 1 child.
Emma, m. Leandcr Shaw; had 4 children.
Joseph, m. Lillian Porter; had 3 children.
Amos, m. Theresa Huff; had 1 child.
Marion, m. Terence North; had 3 children.
Wellesley, m. Eva Margeson; had 1 child.
Henry, m. (s.p.), Laura Walley.
Wade, not married.

OLIVER LOCKHART, Lockhartville, m. SOPHIA TREFRY, dau. Benjamin 1st, and had:
George, m. Amanda Borden; had 4 children.
Thomas, m. ?; had 1 son.
Trask; d. unm.
Reuben, ro. (1st) -- --; (2d) Belle Strong; had 1 son
Annie, m. Capt Harding Porter; had 4 children.

CAPT. FREEMAN MAC KENZIE, of Hantsport, m. LAVINIA TREFRY, dau. Benjamin 1st, and had:
Sophia, m. CapL Delancey Falkner, son Daniel; Had 3 children.
Julia, m. Rupert Harris; had 1 child.

JOHN COFFIN, of Hantsport, m. ABIGAIL TREFRY, dau. Benjamin 1st, and had:
EZRA, m. Mary Burgess.
Elizabeth, not married.
Isabel, m. Alonzo Houghton; had 1 child.

EZRA COFFIN, son John, m. Mary Burgess, and had:
Edna; d. young.
None married.
TREFRY, WILLIAM 1st, son Capt. Joshua Pitman 1st, m., 1804, Dec. 25, Elizabeth Ellcnwood, dau. Samuel, and had:
1804, Oct. 4, LAVINIA C, m. Thomas Beveridge, son CapL David W.
1807, Oct. 19,JOSHUA PITMAN, m. Sarah Hurlburt, dau. John 1st
1809, ELIZABETH, m. (1st) Lorenzo Dow; (2d) 1844, Jan. 18, Joseph Sullivan, son Joseph.
1812, WILLIAM, m. Sophia Robbins, eldest dau. Rufus N.
1814, Harvey, m. Rhoda Hurlburt, dau. John 1st.
1816, Russell Douglas, m., 1842, July 10, Deborah Hurlburt, dau. John 1st.
1821, SAMUEL, m., 1845, Oct. 30, Mary Anne MacRae, dau. Alexander; d. 1889. May 29.
1824. Isaiah, m., 1846, Jan. 14, Mary Jane (Ellenwood) Purney, widow Thomas.
1827, Thomas Benjamin, m., 1856, Nov. 6, Matilda (Hcrsey) Harris, widow Andrew.
1830, JOHN WESLEY, m. (1st) 1854, Dec. 28, Margaret H. Hersey, dau. Zenas; (2d) 1857, March 29, Emma Coaldwell, of Kings Co.
Mrs. Elizabeth Trefry d. 1853, Nov. 24, in her 70th year.
TREFRY, JOSHUA PITMAN, son William 1st, m. Sarah Hurlburt, dau. John 1st, and had:
1836, May 11, Eliza Jane, m. Jonathan Smith, son Capt Thomas K.
1838. March 18, Elizabeth, m. (1st) John Andrews, son Robert 1st; (2d) ? Gray, of Kemptville,
1839. Dec. 15, Abraham; drowned 1857, Oct 18.
1841, Oct 18, Sarah, m. John Hamilton, son DanieL
1845, June 25, Caleb, m. Maria Hamilton, dau. DanieL
1847, April 2, Joshua P., m. Jane Hurlburt, dau. John W.
1849. Jan. 10, Freeman, m. Isabella Curry, dau. William N.
1850. Dec. 2, Stillman, m. Mary Curry, dau. William N.
1852, Nov. 8, Mary, m. George Bullerwell.
1855, July 24, Benjamin, m. Jessie Cavanagh, dau. William.
1857, June 1, George, m. Alva Hurlburt, dau. John W.
1859, Oct 31, Deborah, m. Alexander Hurlburt
TREFRY, WILLIAM, son William 1st, m. Sophia Robbins, dau. Rufus N.; she d. m Michigan, 1862, Sept 13, aged 50; and had:
Daniel Chipman; d. in Michigan 1853, Dec. 27, aged 3 years.
William Trefry and his brothers Harvey and Russell went West with their families about 50 years ago.
TREFRY, SAMUEL, son William 1st, m., 1845, Oct 30, Mary Anne MacRae, dau. Alexander, d. 1889, May 29, and had:
Frances; drowned through the ice in Darling's Lake.
William; drowned through the ice in Darling's Lake.
Daniel; d. young,
Zilpha, m. Augustus Sullivan, son of James.
David, m. Eva Jeffery.
Amasa, m. Maggie Alien.
Jane, m. George Bcveridge.
John, m. Annie Pinkney.
Fanny, m. Edward Hamm.
Agnes, m. ? Vanhome.

TREFRY, JOHN W, son William 1st, m. (1st) 1854, Dec. 28, Margaret H. Hersey, dau. Zenas; (2d) 1857, March 29, Emma Coaldwell, of Kings Co., and had:
Children of 2d wife:
Russell; d. 1861, April 19, aged 2 months.
Bessie H.; d. 1867, March 27, aged 1 month.

THOMAS BEVERIDGE, son Capt David W., m. LAVINIA C. TREFRY, dau. William 1st, and had:
Robert E., m., 1859, May IS, Caroline Frances Doane, dau. Dimock.
George, m. Hannah ?.
Joseph H., m.. I860, Dec. 31, Hannah J. Wyman, dau. Israel
Mary E., m., 1860, July 28, Joshua Doane, son Dimock.
Amos, m. (1st) Emma Foote, dau. Robert; (2d) 1865, July 9, Hannah (Foote) Barn; widow Hezediah.
Hugh R., m. Lois Jane Harris.
Isaac, m., 1879, Dec. 9, Abby Killam, dau.Isaac.

JOSEPH SULLIVAN 2d, son Joseph, m., 1844, Jan. 18, ELIZABETH (TREFRY) DOW, widow Lorenzo, and had:
Joseph Jefferson, m. Emily Cossaboom, of Sandy Cove; and had:
1879, Charles. Thomas William, not married.
Lavinia Anne; d., aged 6 years.
1858, Mary, m, John Gower, of Westport.
1862, Matilda Anne, m., 1881, William Hersey, of Fereport. Long Island; and had, 1882, Fred. Arthur.
Elizabeth, m. Ebenezer Foote, son Richard.
1872, Ella; d. 1896, unm.
In compiling the Trefry genealogy, I have been assisted by Mrs. Elizabeth Trefry, widow of Capt Thomas E. Trask Trefry, of Hantsport; and by Mr. Norman L, Trefry, of Yarmouth, who has of late been very active in gathering many of the widly scattered threads which make up the record of the Tre&y family. April 23, 1901. GEORGE S. BROWN

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